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Hypnos is the first hypnosis connected mask to improve your sleep, to stop smoking or drinking alcohol and to reach your personal goals!

Origin: France 

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You will like it for hypnosis

Our authors offer you the best of hypnosis in a unique format. HYPNOS sessions are the combination of a spatialized hypnotic story with adapted stimulus to enable you to meet your needs.



Chronic insomnia, parasitic thoughts, nocturnal awakenings…


Stress & Anxiety

Fear of public speaking, high blood pressure, memory problems, headaches…



Motivation drops, concentration problems, blockages, confidence …



Hyperactivity, fear of the black, problem of attention, lack of confidence, anger, fear, anxieties …


Difficulty falling asleep or relaxing?

You do not stop thinking …

The hours scroll very very slowly …

You keep pushing back the bedtime …

Your sandman is a pharmacy …


Learn to breathe!

HYPNOS offers you to breathe by following its lights. It teaches you heart consistency. This condition promotes relaxation and relaxation. It allows you to promote your falling asleep by decreasing your stress.

A few minutes of guided breathing are enough to soothe you.

Ah, and by the way, everything happens with your eyes closed!


Hard wake up?

Want to break your alarm clock every morning?

The nights seem too short …

You hate waking up …

You take time to emerge …

Difficult nights …


Attack every day in great shape!

HYPNOS wakes up naturally by simulating the sunrise at the time you have chosen. You attack the day on the right foot and all without waking up your partner …


Choose from more than 50 self-hypnosis programs

Our practitioners design sessions that allow you to reach your goals in minutes of daily practice. The lights of the mask are synchonized on the story for a unique immersion.

Choose from the HYPNOS session catalog for free in the mobile application to find a recuperative sleep, manage your stress and reach your goals!




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Good to know:

HYPNOS is fine, soft and supple for optimal comfort

Not connected during sleep

Weights less than 50g, bring it with you everywhere

Vibrates during sessions of hypnosis, to help you to breath and to wake you up

Stimulates you visually thanks to 6 multicolor LEDs

Detects your movements and wakes you up when you move it







USB charging


Battery life

- 2 to 3 sessions a day, and a nap, one recharge per week is necessary

- For the night mode, the mask has an autonomy of 14h



iOS and Android



Bluetooth 4.0CH SPECS




Does the HYPNOS mask replace a session with a hypno-practitioner?

Under no circumstances can the HYPNOS replace a hypnosis practitioner (or any other form of accompaniment whatsoever). It accompanies you, however, towards your goals or towards a general well-being. Therapy for example is often defined as a healing method, which seeks to heal. HYPNOS can accompany you and be a support, a complement in this type of approach but it does not pretend to replace the human relationship. The playful aspect of the mask and its sessions facilitates its everyday use for each member of the family.


Is the mask suitable for children and the elderly?

The HYPNOS mask and the sessions developed are intended for young children, adolescents, adults and the elderly. On the basis of hypnotic stories, we propose for each individual of any age to reconnect with his imagination in order to work on their own objectives or simply the possibility of living a pleasant recreational moment. HYPNOS easily finds its place within the whole family.


What is the autonomy of the HYPNOS mask?

The autonomy of the mask is variable depending on your use. For average daily use (2 to 3 sessions a day, and a nap), one recharge per week is required. For the night mode, the mask has a battery life of 14h, you just need to charge it by USB like your phone.


What is the ideal position to use the mask?

The HYPNOS mask is designed to fit the shape of any face but also to satisfy all types of sleepers (for its sleep function). Whether you prefer to sleep on your stomach, side or back, its flexibility allows you to keep your nocturnal habits.


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