Emfit QS, Measure the quality of your sleep

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Emfit QS is a small sensor that will analyze your heart and breathing rate and your type of sleep.

Origin: Finland .

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Emfit QS is a sensor that you will place under your mattress, it is connected to a small WiFi box that will transmit all the data of your sleep to your smartphone or your tablet.

The data is interpreted as a graph, to better visualize your sleep cycle and changes in your heart rate and respiratory rate.

Emfit QS measures 3 kinds of data: heart rate, breathing rhythm and the type of sleep you have (light, paradoxical, deep). These data are represented by green, blue and orange colors.

The Emfit QS application presents general trends over 30 days so you can follow a long-term evolution.

Emfit QS works with WiFi, your data is sent to the cloud to analyze them and you can consult them at any time on smartphone or tablet.

And now, sleep!

Emfit QS le moniteur de sommeil qui vous observe toute la nuit
Emfit QS the sleep monitor that watches you all night. Whether you are sporting or not, you probably know that a good restful sleep is very important. It is at this time that the body recharges, repairs itself. And that's where the Emfit QS comes in. A little like Withings' Aura, the Emfit QS is placed under your mattress and connects via your Wi-Fi connection. All you have to do is lie down and the monitor immediately starts to retrieve your data!

Speaking of data, the Emfit QS sleep monitor analyzes your breathing rhythm, your movements and your heart rate. This heart rate is very important because it can give information about the nervous system, your stress level and your physical recovery.

Everything, you will know everything about your sleep

Emfit QS le moniteur de sommeil qui vous observe toute la nuit
Emfit QS the sleep monitor that you watch all night
How long do you sleep, how many times do you turn and go back to bed, how often do you wake up, what time you are up? Emfit QS will tell you everything! Everything will be saved on the web application (compatible with all your devices). You will have access to this data and more: your heart rate (green), your breathing rate (in blue) and your physical activity (in orange). But the Emfit QS sleep monitor also tells you your style of sleep, whether it was light, paradoxical (you made beautiful dreams!) Or deep. These latter indicators are important since it is they in part that will be responsible for your full energy or if you are all raplapla the next day. With all this information, you will see if your lifestyle is healthy and make changes if needed.




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Analysis 3 types of data: cardiac, respiratory and sleep

2 years warranty 

Data is in the Cloud, making it available at any time 

Fonctionne avec WiFi ou 3G 

Vous pouvez consulter vos données sur smartphone ou tablette 

The application is on the internet, you do not have to download a mobile application 


Why should I monitor my sleep?

Generally we may say that cornerstones of our health and wellbeingare exercise, nutrition and sleep.

From these three, the importance of sleep is widely neglected, whereas almost everybody knows how important it is to eat well and get enough exercise. People are often willing to sacrifice sleep time for other activities, such as work, partying, studying, etc. Especially in long term, this may be very unwise.

It has been shown in research studies that a person cannot very accurately report their own sleep quantity or quality. When one starts to monitor their sleep patterns, it becomes transparent, and the person begins to see connections between lifestyle choices and sleep quality and quantity. For example, they may notice that light exercise improves sleep, whereas heavy exercise degrades it. Also, tracking sleep can prove that consuming couple of alcoholic drinks in the evening actually degrades sleep quality, even though a person may feel that they slept better.


The benefits of good night sleep?

Although we naturally think of sleep as a time of rest and recovery from the stresses of everyday life, research is revealing that sleep is a dynamic activity, during which many processes vital to health and well-being take place. New evidence shows that sleep is essential with helping to maintain mood, memory, and both cognitive and physical performance. Sleep also plays a pivotal role in the normal function of the endocrine and immune systems. In fact, studies growingly show a link between sleep duration and a variety of serious health problems, including obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and depression.


How to improve my sleep?

As for us it is impossible to know what is happening in each of our users daily life we cannot give direct recommendations. General principle behind our system is that "what you can measure, you can manage". This means that while you measure your sleep, recovery, and stress levels, you start to see correlations between certain measurements and certain lifestyle choices.

For example, many of our users have noticed that alcohol intake very easily wrecks sleep quality, whereas light exercise and good time with friends improves sleep quality and lowers stress level. With this kind of personal observations anyone can adjust their lifestyle choices accordingly.

Further, in our FAQ we give general recommendations to improve sleep quality, for example, it is useful to avoid caffeine intake in the evening, bedroom should be dark enough, quiet, and relatively cool, etc.


How to install the sensor in bed?

For long lasting durability, the sensor should be installed under the mattress or the mattress topper, not directly under the sheet.

For the strongest signal pickup, middle part of the sensor should be located directly under the location of your heart when you are lying straight on your bed. Usually this measures around 50 cm (20 inches) down from top of the bed.

If you have double bed with your spouse, to avoid picking up your spouse after you have the bed, you need to set the sensor as close to the edge of the bed as possible, and cord towards the side. Do not make the cord go in middle of the bed as it also pick movements and spouse's activity may make presence continue after you left the bed.





IOS and Android


200 x 200 x 90 mm










2 years


Control monitor, heart rate, breathing and sleep tracker


Wall fixing





Comments (2)

Marily S


The Emfit QS is an amazing sleep monitor. The extensive data produced is extremely helpful. Much more information that my Fitbit.

Natasha S


After trying multiple sleep tracking and HRV solutions I stumbled across the Emfit QS. In the hope to combine HRV readings, reliable resting heart rate and sleep tracking, I order the device.

If you are into self-quantification and want to monitor your recovery status (like me being a triathlete) this device is great.

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