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HugOne, improve your sleep with this tracker

  • HugOne
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A monitor dedicated to sleep and air quality inside the home. 

Origin: France .

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Rated 5.00 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 3 customer reviews

I just bought this sleep tracker and I enjoy using it. The design is very beautiful, it sits elegantly in my living room and you forget the tiny sensors in the bed immediately. I like the smart alarm to wake up at the best moment of your sleep cycle, it has worked really well for me and my boyfriend. We're feeling more relaxed since we use it!

We are very impressed by the HugOne and by the One Fantastic Shop customer service! Thank you, guys ! We’ve discovered a great product and seller.

Beautiful design and beautiful finishes. This system is very practical to set up a good bedtime routine for children and adults, to control the air quality. Once installed, he integrated our daily life with a surprising naturalness, offering us a more "formal" ally to put the children to bed.<br /> We love it.<br />

HugOne, improve your sleep with this tracker
Tax included


This small device has been designed to offer your entire family a lasting solution to improve your sleep in an environment within.

HugOne connects thanks to WiFi and communicates with minihugs that are nothing but small sensors supplied with HugOne.

These sensors are to be installed in your bed, they will record your night activity but also the temperature of the room and the humidity. HugOne analyzes the quality of the air with these 3 elements which influences the quality of your sleep.

HugOne is refined, and very compact you can easily put it in your living room, on a table, a bedside.

To communicate with the user, HugOne uses a play of light: the blue color indicates that everything is fine, the pink color indicates that it is advisable to open the windows and when the light is pink and flashing, it is Advised to ventilate the room and get out.

The application is available on iOS and Android.

HugOne has a little extra: it has the functionality of the intelligent alarm clock. That is to say that an alarm is triggered when according to the minihug sensors you are in the phase of light sleep and that the time of your awakening is approaching.