O2Ring, the ring that watches over you when you sleep

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O2Ring is a comfortable home sleep apnea test to track your overnight oxygen levels with a vibration alarm. The device delivers professional reports to help you keep track of your oxygen levels.

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Track sleep apnea at home

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You just have to wear O2Ring on your finger and it will automatically monitor your overnight blood oxygen saturation, heart rate and body movements during the night. If you experience any events or abnormal heart rate, the built-in vibrator of the ring will vibrate and notify you when oxygen level is lower than normal. You can detect issues early and take action to improve your sleep.

Personalised analysis of your sleep pattern

The device provides detailed analysis and trends of your overnight blood oxygen levels, heart rate and body movements. The ring will inform you of how long your oxygen below 90%, how many times the O2 drops over 4% during the whole night. The device comes with a lot of settings you can adjust to your specific use. You can turn on/off the vibration for low oxygen and abnormal heart rate separately, set the vibration intensity on the app on your smartphone.

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Easy to use and comfortable

You can export or print overnight reports from PC software, share unlimited PDF/CSV format reports to your sleep study doctor. The ring is comfortable to wear and doesn’t interrupt you sleep. It never slips from your finger or oppress it to make it numb. You can tap the touch key to know your oxygen level and heart rate. The right column beats as your heart beats, the higher the column, the stronger your pulse.

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To know :


Silent vibration alarm

Built-in memory

Reports on the app


Easy to use




3 x 2 x 3 cm


15 g


50-82 mm


Bluetooth 4.0


Rechargeable lithium-polymer


How to sync data?

Take off the device. After the countdown, the data will be ready for sync. Open App to sync data.

When recording, do I need to open App?

The device has built-in storage, it is not necessary to open App.You can open app to change some settings of device.

Which finger is recommended?

Thumb and index finger are preferred.

Can it be used during fitness?

Generally speaking, yes. However, frequently movement may make the readings unavailable.Usually, the readings will recover in a few seconds after stop moving.

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