Foobot, improve the air quality in your House

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Foobot aims to improve the air quality of your home! It analyzes, gives its results and advises you.

Origin: France .

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The Foobot is the connected device essential to your home and your well-being! It analyzes and informs you of the air quality.

You may not know it but ... the inside air you breathe is 8 times more polluted than the outside air. You spend 80% of your time in these places, whether it's the house or even the office.

So what does the Foobot do exactly? It is equipped with sensors that will analyze and capture a multitude of elements that pollute your air such as carbon monoxide, volatiles, or even organic compounds. Thanks to these precise analyzes, the results will be as well!

Namely: the Foobot is a preventive connected object. It is not an air purifier but it is the first step towards a lasting improvement in air.


With live warnings and accurate notifications, you'll see two possible outcomes.

My Foobot turns blue: the air quality is good.

My Foobot becomes orange: the air is not of very good quality and it must be improved.

The tips are sometimes as simple as opening a window. Sometimes it may advise you to change your room furniture or reduce the use of harmful products.




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Changing color

Foobot is a preventive connected object, it is not an air purifier

Its design

Free app

Easy to use

Enable notifications


Is only one Foobot sufficient for a whole house?

Indeed, only one is enough. Put the device in the room you want to analyze and change as many times as you want.

Is the application available with all types of mobile phones?

The app is available on Appstore as well as Google Play so that it is accessible to any type of Iphone or smartphone.

Is the app paying? Does it require a registration?

Not at all, the application is free and without registration. The only thing is creating your account to take advantage of all the features of your Foobot.

Can we use the Foobot outside?

The Foobot is an indoor product, sensors are set to measure indoor pollutants such as carbon monoxide, fine particles ...

Why an indoor analyzer and not external?

Since the indoor air is up to 8 times more polluted than the outside air, and you spend 80% of your time between the office, the house, ... that is to say the closed spaces, it seems Then more interesting and more important to breathe a good pure interior.


Download the free Foobot app on your smartphone (available on the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.
Connect the Foobot device to your Wi-Fi network.
Launch the Foobot application on your smartphone so that you can configure your device.


Comments (2)

Dante K


The FooBot is running and active full time so you always know your air quality in an intuitive, non-disruptive, and automatic manner. With full air quality detail, live stats, and history available on your smart phone when you want to know exactly what is going on with your air quality with no additional effort.

John G


Very cool product, super easy to install (like a 2 min process). Really useful to understand what is happening in the air we breathe. From the 3-4 notifications the app send daily to let you know various things like temp, particule concentration in the air, pollens, humidity, etc...

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