Zembro, a personal alarm for active seniors

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Zembro bracelet is the first intelligent bracelet specially designed for the elderly. It offers you the freedom, independence and peace of mind that is so crucially important.

Origin: Belgium 

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A modern personal alarm for active seniors


An elegant bracelet, it features smart functions and is connected to an app. Zembro personal alarm keeps you in touch with each other. At any time. Including those moments when it is so crucially important. And that gives everyone peace of mind. Because you’re always nearby. Even when you’re not in the neighbourhood.


The Zembro bracelet makes the connection with your family or friends even stronger. And isn’t that the most beautiful gift that you could possibly give someone?


The bracelet – for the Zembro senior

Charge the bracelet for use for an hour using the supplied USB cable and it’s ready to be worn. It’s as simple as that! The bracelet works immediately. There is no mobile phone plan required.

The app – for the Zembro connections

There is an unlimited number of users. Anyone who doesn’t have a smartphone is still able to be kept informed by SMS on a regular mobile phone.


1. Download the Zembro app from www.zembro.com/bracelet or the App Store.

2. Follow the steps in the app to activate your connections.

3. Done!


Easy to use with three functions

1. If you press the button once, the clock will appear.

2. If you press the button twice, you’ll see the battery status and other information.

3. If you hold the button down for four seconds, the bracelet will sound the alarm and inform all your Zembro connections. Zembro sends your connections a message, one by one. They can then telephone the bracelet. You can talk with each other, via the bracelet.


For maximum safety, we advise wearing the bracelet at all times: even at night, in the bath, while washing the dishes and of course, if you are going shopping, for a walk or a bike ride.


You need to recharge it for approximately one hour every week.




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Good to know :

Attractive and elegant, it’s comfortable to wear, day and night

It has coverage everywhere in Europe

A modern watch for everyday

Battery charge lasts at least a week

Waterproof: you can shower, swim and do the dishes while wearing it

Speaking and listening mode




18 x 3 x 2 cm






Non-allergenic materials

Waterproof and shockproof



1 Lithium-ion battery required (included)


Battery Life

7 days

Full charging time is about two hours



How does Zembro bracelet work?

There are two aspects to the concept behind Zembro bracelet. On one hand, you have the Zembro bracelet itself, by which we mean the bracelet. On the other, you have an application that is installed on a smartphone.

The Zembro senior wears the bracelet and the connections (family members or other contacts) use the application on their smartphones. The senior doesn’t need a smartphone, computer or fixed-line telephone to be able to use the bracelet.

There's a chip in the bracelet that is in constant connection with the telephone network. This is why the senior never needs a mobile phone if the alarm is sounded; the bracelet acts as a telephone.

The bracelet is charged via a USB cable that connects to a computer, or a charging plug that goes in a power outlet.


Is Zembro bracelet waterproof?

Yes. Zembro bracelet is completely waterproof and as such, it’s perfect for wearing in the shower or swimming pool.


Is Zembro bracelet suitable for people suffering from dementia?

We do not consider Zembro bracelet to be suitable for people who suffer from severe dementia and have the tendency to remove clothing, et cetera. At the moment, the bracelet is easy to put on and take off. We do have plans to develop a version in which the armband is fitted with a lock to make it more difficult to remove.


How do I sound the alarm?

Hold down the button on the bracelet screen for 4 continuous seconds and then release it. The bracelet will then count down for 20 seconds and sound the alarm. After 5 seconds you will hear an sos tone so that you know you've sounded the alarm. The alarm button is invisible. It's placed underneath the surface of the clock.


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