Nonda Zus, smart tire safety monitor

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Let Zus monitor the pressure of your tires in real-time in order to save fuel and drive safely.

Origin: United States 

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Tire wear

Tire wear is an important aspect to watch for in order to maintain safe driving. Climatic conditions, road conditions, your driving style or the brand of a tire are factors that can affect its durability. The important thing is to remember that no matter the cause, any type of tire wear can affect your safety on the road. That's why it's so important to make sure our tires are perfect.


ZUS Smart Tire shows the status of the tires on your smartphone

With the ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor, you get real-time tire pressure monitoring. A slow leak detection an abnormal pressure change and ZUS alerts you immediately.


How it works?

This new product is composed of two elements. On the one hand, a box to plug into the cabin and which serves as a relay for the wheel sensors, while displaying in color the overall condition of the four tires (it also contains a USB port to charge a phone). On the other hand, a sensor per wheel, to place on the valve of the tires, instead of the small cap provided by the manufacturer. 

The sensors communicate with the receiver in the car, the receiver then sends its information to your smartphone. This system is very simple to install and can even be easily moved from one car to another.


Self-install in 10 minutes           

Anyone can set up in 3 easy steps. Take it with you on your next trip and install it on your rental car in just 10 minutes.

1. Plug in receiver

2. Pair with ZUS® app

3. Fasten sensor




We like :

Good to know :

Metal base with antenna

Save up to 11 cents per gallon with properly inflated tires

Long lasting battery

Highly integrated PCBA with pressure and temps sensors

View individual tire pressures and temperatures directly on your smartphone

Keep sensors secured with our locking kit, a set of 4 locking nuts that lock your sensors in place. Included free of charge



Sensor dimensions

0.8 x 0.7 inches


Receiver dimensions

1.5 x 3.3 in


Sensor weight

0.3 oz


Receiver weight

1.10 oz



Replaceable lithium battery CR1632


Battery Life

1+ year based on 3 hours of driving per day


Pressure Reading Range

0 - 46 psi / 0 - 3.2 bar


Operating Temperature

-40°C ~ 125°C; -40°F ~ 257°F


Water & Dust Resistance


Temperature Reading Range

-20°C ~ 120°C; -4°F ~ 248°F



I am using an Android phone and it cannot connect again after the first pair, why?

1. Pair the receiver in ZUS app instead of the system Bluetooth menu. You may disconnect from your system Bluetooth list and pair again in ZUS app. 

2. Check if there is other Bluetooth devices nearby like your car Bluetooth.You may turn it off and see if that's the reason.


How to use car finder or mileage feature? 

ZUS app is an all-in-one app so car finder and mileage features are for ZUS car charger. You may find the charger here. You may find instruction of the feature in FAQ as well.


Is it normal that it takes 10 mins for calibrating?

If the car is parking, it takes 10 mins. You may drive the car over 14 mph/ 22kph and it would be quicker to get the reading. But for the best connection, you may use move the receiver to the center of the car or use portable power bank to check where is the best position for signal transmission. Please make sure the receiver is not in a box but more open area for the signal to transfer.


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