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iCare FHD: The security camera to make sure that everything is ok at home. 

Origin: Netherlands 

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Distress call transmitter
iCare FHD has a remote control that sends a distress notification to everyone with access. It lets your loved ones get the help they need.
Face detection
iCare FHD has the ability to detect faces and will keep you informed with special Face Alerts.
Real-time two-way audio
True two-way audio will allow you to talk to your loved ones at home from anywhere at any time. 
Activity/blockout zones
With the freedom to either protect or ignore certain areas you can customize your security.
256-bit encryption
iCare FHD employs military level security encryption so you don’t have to be afraid that anyone will look into your home.
Professional day/night vision
iCare FHD is able to perform all of its tasks both in broad daylight and in complete darkness.
Free real-time push urgent picture alerts
You will receive instant push urgent picture/text alerts when either the motion or audio sensor is triggered.
Free cloud storage
Each iCare FHD comes with free 24-HR unlimited video and 3-day alert cloud storage.
Video alert with service subscription
In combination with our cloud subscription you can enjoy 10-second long video alerts allowing you to truly understand what happened.
Amaryllo Services plans
Our 30-day Gold and 365-day Platinum service plans give you additional storage and more features.




We like:

Good to know:

The attentive purpose of the product

The viewing angle is 360 °

Night-time visibility

Receiving notification when motion is detected

The distress button

The emergency call button is located on a remote control


How to install your Icare FHD ?

1. Connect the micro USB cable to a power outlet.
The blue LED light will be on when the camera is powered. Wait for it to start flashing before beginning installation. 

2. After power-on, it will take 25 seconds to start calibration cycle. (for remote models) 

3. Enter the password of your Wi-Fi router 

4. Your device will automatically generate a QR code.
5.Place the camera 4” ~11.8” (10~30 cm) in front of the smartphone’s QR code or
"7.8” ~11.8” (20~30 cm) in front of tablet’s QR code.
6.Please wait for a beep to confirm reception. After you hear a beep, you can put the phone down. 

The timer will show the remaining time to finish the installation. If time runs out, you will need to start the installation over again. 

You will hear one beep when the camera install QR completes.

You will hear two beeps when the camera setup completes.

The green LED remains on when Wi-Fi is working properly. 

How to control the camera ?

By sliding your screen

Remotely pan and tilt the camera anywhere by sliding your smartphone screen in the direction you want the camera to turn. 

LED indication 

Blue LED: 

The LED is stable when you power on the camera.
The LED flashes once per second when the QR scan is in progress. When LED is flashing twice per second, the camera is in use and someone is actively viewing it.
When LED is flashing 3 times per second, the setup process was successful. 

Green LED:

When LED is flashing once per second, the camera is trying to connect to a Wi-Fi AP router.
When LED is constant, the camera is connected to Wi-Fi and working properly. 

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1- Download the Amaryllo on your smartphone app (available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store).
2- Activate Icarus FHD with the remote control (provided with the offer).
3- Thanks to the Wi-Fi technology, you will see in real time what retransmits the Icarus FHD.


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