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Ellipse is a smart bike lock that connects to your phone to provide keyless entry, theft detection, bike sharing, crash alerts and more.

Origin: United States 

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The Lattis Ellipse is a bike lock. Thanks to its robust design, it protects your bike against theft and even sends an alert on your smartphone in case of theft detection. The Ellipse is controlled by a mobile application (iOS and Android) that allows you to unlock it without a key (via Bluetooth or code), share your bike and can even automatically prevent the person or persons (s) of your choice in case of accident. Best of all, it recharges itself with its solar panel!



Half of all cyclists have had a bike stolen.

Be the other half.


Theft Alerts

Ellipse will send you an alert if your bike is disturbed, through its long-range Bluetooth. You can adjust the alert sensitivity to your liking and toggle the feature on and off.


Resists Attackers of All Kinds

Ellipse's 17mm thick steel shackle offers proven bike security. Its dual-locking mechanism means that it would have to be cut through twice to break. Bank-level encryption prevents the most determined hackers from finding a virtual way in.



Ellipse doesn't require a key

It locks and unlocks with a tap of your phone. You can even set Ellipse to lock and unlock automatically, so you never have to take your phone out of your pocket.


Secure Backup Access

The touchpad is a novel and personal way to interact with your Ellipse. Key in a personal code of up to eight characters to lock or unlock your Ellipse if your phone runs out of battery.



Ellipse's built-in solar panel automatically charges its battery. Normal use in outdoor or indoor light will keep it charged. You can also charge it through a micro-USB charger.



Sharing is caring

Safety FirstEllipse can detect many types of serious crashes using its built-in accelerometer. You can set up alerts to notify your emergency contacts when it detects that you have been in a serious accident.


Share Your Bike

Create your own bike share network. Simply select the friend you want to share your bike with and send them an invitation with a secure code. All they need to do is to enter the code in the Ellipse app to unlock the bike when they're in range.


Locate Your Bike

When you grant friends access to your Ellipse, they can see where your bike is parked on their phone's map, making it easy for them to find. This feature also works, in case you forget where you parked. Hey it happens; no judgement here!




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Good to know :

Automatic locking and unlocking (via the mobile application)

Solar recharge

Locking and unlocking by possible code (touch interface on the lock)

Warranty: 1 year parts and labor back workshop

Alert in case of attempted theft (needs to be in range of the Bluetooth signal)

Rain protection: IPX4



External Dimensions

6.4” W x 7.8” H


Internal Dimensions

3.8” W x 5.4” H



2.5 Ibs



Built-in rechargeable battery

Flexible Solar Panel

USB charging




Bluetooth Low Energy

External antenna



Apple iOS 9.1 or greater

Android 4.4 or greater


Shockproof and ruggedized


Impact resistant rubber shell


3-axis accelerometer


LED indicators



Will Ellipse work internationally?

Yes, Ellipse will be certified to work worldwide.


Where can I use Ellipse?

Anywhere! If you want to use Ellipse's bluetooth theft alert, your phone will need to be in bluetooth range of Ellipse.


Can I use the lock at night?

Yes! Ellipse has a battery that continuously recharges with sunlight.


What is the lifetime of the battery?

Given that the charge / recharge cycles are so slow, and the battery technology can take up to 1000 of them, it can in theory last 10+ years. 6+ years is the expected lifetime.


What happens if my phone gets stolen / is lost / runs out of battery?

You can unlock your Ellipse using the capacitive buttons. Simply input the combination you provided during initial setup.


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