VEIU, the world's smartest doorbell.

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VEIU from Eques, you can easily see your visitors through a LCD monitor.

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Smartness at your fingertips

The Eques App puts your front door at your fingertips no matter where you are. Since VEIU runs off your home’s Wi-Fi, you have a secure connection from your smartphone to your VEIU anywhere with a network connection. Many smart home products require expensive monthly subscriptions that can run you hundreds of dollars a year. With VEIU there are no monthly cloud storage fees, your only expense is the hardware. The Eques App is available as a free download from both Google Play and the Apple App Store.
Motion Detection
VEIU automatically detects motion and can be set to take a snapshot and send an alert to your phone.

Wide Angle Lens

The lens on the VEIU gives you a 180 degree view of your porch, making sure you wont miss any visitors.


VEIU transforms the standard peephole into a video doorbell, it’s impossible for intruders to see inside from the outside.

Infrared Night Vision

850nm infrared night vision, clear vision during both daytime and nighttime.

2-Way Audio

Speak directly to whomever is at your door right in the app.

Wi-Fi connection

VEIU uses your home Wi-Fi connection to stream video to your device making the connection safe and secure.

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Never Miss a Delivery

The Eques App puts your front door at your fingertips no matter where you are.

Children & Senior Friendly

VEIU Doorbell is completely functional even without the smart phone app. The In-home LCD touch screen display is easy to set up, and displays the same video your app would.

Get Instant Alert

VEIU automatically detects motion and can be set to take a snapshot, send an alert to your phone, or start recording video when motion is detected.

Talk To Visitor From Anywhere

VEIU app puts your front door at your fingertips no matter where you are. Talk to visitor even when you are not at home.

Save Clips of People At Your Door

VEIU app allows you to save snapshots or video clips for later or to give to law enforcement.

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Good to know:

Children & Senior Friendly - Records visitors in pictures and videos without a smartphone Rechargeable Battery - Saves money for battery replacement
    Wide-Angle Lens - See everything outside at a 180 view
    Night Vision - Clear image during both daytime and night time

    Easy Installation - Takes less than 5 minutes

    Impossible to peep into your house through the peephole.


    Is VEIU waterproof / weatherproof?

    VEIU has definitely evolved into a stronger device with these waterproofing and weatherproofing upgrades:

    A thin layer of conformal coating has been applied on the PCB board of the outdoor camera to device more waterproofing. This allows VEIU to still be able to perform under rainy weather.
    VEIU’s design has been improved and several internal tests have been conducted. VEIU still works perfectly even below the temperature range of -30°C - 50°C (- 22°F - 122°F). Compared to most competitors’ operating temperature range of -20°C – 50°C (-5°F - 120°F), VEIU can be expected to endure colder weather.

    What is the diameter of the doorbell (outside panel)?

    The doorbell diameter is 2.45 inches.

    What door thickness does VEIU support?

    It can support a door thickness range of 1.38 - 4.33 inches.

    Do I have to replace my existing doorbell?

    Replacing your old doorbell is not required. VEIU PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor operates without the need to press your traditional doorbell button. You can still check the live video and chat with your visitors through the VEIU app on your smart devices.



    Camera: 720P
    Display Screen: 5.0’’ LCD touch screen
    Screen Resolution: 960*540 (QHD)
    Camera View Angle: 180°
    Battery Capacity: 8000mAh rechargeable Li-polymer battery
    Battery Standby Time: 2 months
    Internal Memory: 2GB
    External Memory: Micro SD card, up to 32 GB
    WiFi: Support
    Supported Mobile App: Android 4.0 or newer & iOS 8.0 or newer

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    Effective product, fast shipping with no damages. Would purchase again :)

    Ken B


    This product has potential. I love the look of the product, both the screen and the external portion.

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