iBabi Plus, your electronic device for babies

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The iBabi Plus is a smart device that allows you to keep an eye on your baby at any moment. 

Origin: Netherlands .

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DISCOVER... IBabi Plus!

DISCOVER... IBabi Plus!  

Amaryllo iBaby Plus Wireless Baby Monitor

The IBabi Plus Plus is a smart device that allows you to keep an eye on your baby. It features a motion sensor to detect what is happening around a 360-degree viewing area, plus 2 pickups for audio detection. You will instantly receive a notification on your mobile when these are trigerred, using the Amaryllo Free App, and watch streaming video in real time.

Its cubic and funny design will fit in any baby room!

Security first

Sensors can detect moving objects or intruders.

Get alerts by looking at your phone or tablet using the free app. The data is stored in a free cloud support using your Google Drive account. Therefore, you can have access to videos and data, wherever you are and at any time.


Secure device

All your videos and data are protected with 256-bit encryption. You will be the only one to have access to your personal information. This is an HD camera (1280 x 720) so you can watch these videos with good quality pictures.


Remote Pan / Tilt / Zoom

IBabi Plus can be controlled from anywhere in the world for pan, tilt and zoom so you can see what you want.

Real-time bidirectional audio

IBabi Plus can be controlled from anywhere in the world for pan, tilt and zoom so you can see what you want.

Real-time bidirectional audio
Authentic two-way audio will let you talk to your loved ones at home anywhere, anytime.

Motion and Audio Detection
IBabi Plus has motion detection and audio. When these are triggered, you will instantly receive a notification to your mobile device.

Day / night professional vision
IBabi Plus is capable of performing all its tasks both in full daylight and in complete darkness.

Free alerts in real time
You will instantly receive image / text alerts when the motion or audio sensor is triggered.

Remote control MP3 support
When your baby cries, you can play soothing music or sing a favorite lullaby to keep her calm.

Free cloud storage
Each iBabi Plus comes with a free 24-hour video and 3 days of cloud storage alert.

Video Alert with Service Subscription
In combination with our service subscription, you can enjoy 10-second video alerts

Optional Infrared
We care about your eyes, which is why we give you the choice of turning on or off the IR lights.

Key Features of iBabi Plus Wireless Baby Monitor

Display area 360 °

Streaming video in real time

Text alert message

High Definition Camera

Multi-Motion Sensors


Protection of privacy




We like :

To know :

HD quality of the camera

Ability to disable the camera

Colors adapted to the baby's room

Equipped with a micro SD

Night surveillance system

Cloud service is free


What is AMID?

AMID is the unique ID used to identify each Amaryllo device. The AMID can be read from the bottom of iBabi, with the format as iCMaxxxxx.

Can I choose / set different images as the background for each installed device?

You can change the "wallpaper" of your device by pressing the background button on the main toolbar.

3 options are available -

A. Live video (it will take a snapshot of the live view and display it in the background)

B. Choose a photo from your photo album

C. Default Background (Device Image)

How do I remove a camera from the APP?

Please select the Remove button on the toolbar to remove a camera from the APP


Comments (2)

Claire M


I love that I can also play them short audio stories which has made bedtime and my life so much easier. I super recommend this product to anyone looking for a good quality way to take take care of their kids. Also, I love the night vision. I can see if my little one is naughty, gets out of bed or has a nightmare.

Rihanne P


I bought this so I could take care of my boys as an upgrade to my current baby monitor. And when I got the M2S Plus I was so happy that I did. It’s been such an incredible upgrade to see my boys sleeping or to watch what they’re up to with their daddy while I’m at the store or away.

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