Guardpeanut, the anti-theft connected alarm

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Guarpeanut the tracker which monitors your belongings and alerts you if someone touch them.

Origin: France 

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Simple, convenient and affordable.

GuardPeanut easily connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth Smart. Through the SensePeanut app, you are alerted when your business moves when they should not. You can also access the entire activity history.

Keep an eye on your business.

Watch your jewelry box
Analyze the back and forth of the cat
Keep an eye on your PC

Be alert when your objects move.

GuardPeanut detects movements and sounds if your business is moved when they should not. Within Bluetooth range, you can receive alerts in real time.

Download the free app SensePeanut and discover the clean interface of GuardPeanut.

Dashboard with real-time movements
Ideal for your suitcases.

Full and unlimited history
Ideal to monitor the comings and goings.

A simple product. Advanced features.

Alarm ON / OFF
Activate the alarm by clicking on the GuardPeanut button.

Sounds and vibration
Choose your favorite sounds and vibration in the Appli.

Silent mode
Use silent mode to monitor objects in discretion.

Elegant design and mat.

GuardPeanut has been designed to fit all your objects. It is capable of detecting the slightest vibration to effectively protect your most valuable business.


Bluetooth Smart (Low Power)

Up to 3 months of autonomy
Battery CR2032 (replaceable)

Motion sensor
Accelerometer with Smart Motion Technology®

Up to 60 m

Loud speaker
Piezo (up to 90dB)

App SensePeanut
IOS 9.3.5+
Android 4.3+

7.5 g

Not resistant to water
Do not use in case of danger

Package Contents

1 GuardPeanut (Green)
1 battery
1 multi-function Peanut holder
1 key ring
Paste to paste and scotch

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The sensor is thin and light

Up to 3 months of autonomy

Battery CR2032 (replaceable)

Simple, convenient and affordable.

Range up to 60 m

Keep an eye on your business.

Not resistant to water
Do not use in case of danger


I want to register my SensePeanut, but the App doesn't find it?

First check if your SensePeanut is powered and ON. Press its button, it should play a sound.

If not: make sure that you have removed the battery strip from your Peanut

If not: make sure that the battery is well inserted with the + sign heading upwards

Make sure that the Peanut is close to your smartphone or tablet
Check if Bluetooth is turned on
Make sure that your device is connected to a wifi or 3G/4G network with internet connection
Make sure your Peanut was not already registered by another user
Make sure that your device is Bluetooth 4.0 compliant

How many SensePeanuts can be connected to my device?

There is no limit to number of SensePeanuts you can register on your device. 

However, there is a limit to the number of SensePeanuts simultaneously connected at a given time. This limit is set by your device's manufacturer:
  • On iOS: Up to 8 Bluetooth devices can send data simultaneously. The number of SensePeanuts you can use hence depends on the number of other Bluetooth devices you are using at the same time.
  • On Android devices: The number of Bluetooth devices that can simultaneously send data to your phone or tablet, depends on the manufacturer and model. It varies between 4 to 7 simultaneous Bluetooth devices.  
                      How to know the battery level of my SensePeanut?
  • On iOS: go to your Peanut's page. Pull the page down. The battery level will be shown in the upper right part of your screen.
  • On Android: go to your Peanut's page. Press the main circle. The battery level will be displayed in the main circle. 

                How to check if my SensePeanut is connected to my device?
  • On the iOS SensePeanut App: go to the page of your Peanut, pull the page down. The connection quality will appear in the upper left part of your screen.
  • On the Android SensePeanut App: go to your Peanut' page, press the main circle, it will show the connexion quality.



Compatibility IOS and Android
Dimensions 25 x 45 x 5mm
Weight 7,5g
Connectivity Bluetooth
Power/Charging Piles
Connectivity Bluetooth and Wifi
Options Alarm, Quiet way, download your data
Storage No limits
Autonomy 3 months


Comments (3)

Monica P


I was able to connect the peanut to my Android phone with no issues. The app itself is very simple. You connect it, name it, and then adjust the notification settings. I believe this device has potential !!

James B


It is a truly simple device, and works just as advertised. Note that it only connects via bluetooth, so this is not something you can use to check temperature from afar.

Esteban P


This is a cool little device. It connected very easily to the app via iphone, and tells me the temperature with just the opening of a phone app.

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