Puck, the super remote control

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Puck, the best universal remote that makes you forget about all your other remotes!

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Forget about all your remotes!

A simple solution to control all your devices: Puck works with devices installed in wireless cabinets thanks to a stand-alone infrared transmitter that receives commands from the app on the smartphone and transmits them to the device on which it is stuck.

 Puck App

Small but effective

Puck is a small device. You can glu Puck onto the device or surface just in front of it.



The Puck application includes 250,000 infrared codes corresponding to 6,000 different devices: audio/video devices, but also home automation devices such as roller shutter control, air conditioning control...



Easy set-up

The configuration is done from the application where you select the type of device to control, then the brand and finally the reference. The application then creates one or more virtual remote control pages for each device.

  Easy set up





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To know:

Puck is small and light

Contrôler vos appareils multimédia mais aussi le chauffage/la clim

Easy app to use

iOS & Android App

Work with 6,000 different devices

Battery lasts 6 months if normal use


Do I need the original device remote to program Puck?

No, you do not need the original remote to use Puck. Device compatibility can be verified at getpuck.com/search (please note the database is quite large and takes a minute to load).  If you do not find your device listed, please let us know by submitting your request at getpuck.com/request.

Can I still use my original TV remote after installing Puck – if I want to use Puck only as a backup.

Yes!  The IR emitter on Puck is offset to the side so it will not cover the IR sensor on the TV (if attached directly to your TV).

Does Puck use a battery?

It is powered from a replaceable 2032 coin cell battery.  It ships with an Energizer battery that lasts between 6 months and a year under regular usage, but is easily replaceable.

Do I need one Puck per device can a single Puck interface with multiple devices?

Puck will work with multiple devices but you will need to be placed close to the infrared (IR) sensors on the target devices, as the IR range from Puck to target device has been limited to preserve the battery life.



Product Dimensions: 1.6 x 1.6 x 0.5 inches

Item Weight: 0.96 ounces

Technology : Bluetooth 4.1

Comments (1)

William T


A simple solution to control all your devices.

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Comments (1)

William T


A simple solution to control all your devices.

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