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SPIN remote's aim and mission is to reduce a growing complexity in people's lives, advocating for smart and simple solutions. 

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An original remote control to control your objects

SPIN is a remote control that allows you to control your television or electronic equipment as well as its connected objects like light bulbs connected with simple gestures.

Nowadays, our lounges are filled with high-tech objects working with remote controls. Between the box, the television, the stereo, the decoder ... the result is often the same: we have too many devices and it quickly becomes difficult to remember what remote control handles which device. SPIN Remote is a remote control with the original shape to control various objects.

SPIN adopts the shape of a half sphere. Unlike a conventional remote, it has no buttons, only a touch surface. It is set via the dedicated mobile application available in iOS and Android thanks to its connection Bluetooth 4.0. It is up to you to assign the actions that will trigger when you perform certain movements. Several types of actions can be implemented: movements, rotation, orientation, proximity and touch. It is then sufficient to define which object will be impacted by this or that action. In short, it becomes possible to mount the sound of the TV, turn on the light or change channels by simply acting on its SPIN Remote. Note that only infrared and Bluetooth devices can be operated.

Gesture Control

20 simple gestures, 7 profiles and 140 commands. Fully customisable to your specific needs.

Rotate Normal

Change channels on your TV or set-top box. Switch tracks on your Sonos.

Rotate Sideways

Set the volume on your AV-receiver, stereo or smart speakers.

Rotate Upside Down

Change color or brightness of your Philips Hue or LIFX smart lights.

Smart Touchpad

Navigate your Apple TV or browse your TV Guide. Swipe to turn on your TV.

- 20 different gestures generate commands
- Configure up to 7 profiles
- Visual profile indicator in 7 colours
- Personalise up to 140 commands to suit your own needs
- Command execution response via vibration
- User configuration via SPIN setup App
- Preconfigured for Sonos and Philips Hue devices (more to come via automatic updates)
- Operates with 2 alkaline AA batteries (included)

Smartphone compatibility: iPhone 4s or later (7+, 7, 6+, 6s, 6, 5s, 5c, 5, 4s), iPad (Air mini, 3rd and 4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation or later), requires iOS 8.0or later, Bluetooth® 4.0 or above, Android™ devices running Android 4.3 or above with Bluetooth® 4.0 or above.




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All-in-1 remote control for all popular Infrared devices Central smart home device controller
Customisable functions and profiles 360° Infrared, Bluetooth + Wi-Fi (via App) connectivity
Easy setup via SPIN App Long battery life


How can I find out if my remote uses Infrared?

One way to find out if your remote control works with infrared signals is to use the camera on your mobile phone. Simply point your remote control at the camera and make sure the transmitter LED is clearly in the picture. Now hold a button on the remote. If you see a light flickering, you know it's Infrared. Otherwise it's most likely an RF remote.

How do I switch between profiles?

When SPIN remote is active (light is on): Tap twice on SPIN remote to change between profiles.

What does 360° Infrared mean?

Your old remote has only one Infrared LED, which is mounted in the front. As a result you are forced to pick it up and point it towards your equipment.

SPIN remote contains not 1, but 6 high intensity Infrared LEDs. SPIN remote sends out Infrared signals in every direction, which makes pointing your remote a thing of the past.

Does SPIN remote work with my phone/tablet?

We currently support the following models:


•iPhone 4S and later running iOS 8 or later

•iPad 3 and later (including iPad air and mini) running iOS 8 or later


•All devices that have Bluetooth 4 Low Energy (LE) support and running Android 4.3 and later*.

* = Also depends on manufacturer support. Android version 4.3 and later support Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), but some devices don't have the required functionality active in the software as provided by the manufacturer. Even though the hardware and the operating system might be BLE-compatible, this final piece is crucial to get the whole setup working.

Why should I buy SPIN remote ?

SPIN remote can seamlessly integrate the way you control your Infrared appliances and your smart home devices. Its intuitive approach and easiness throughout will do away with the complexity of all the remotes and functionalities you don't need or use. It will transform a functional experience of remote control use into an exciting one which is fun and intuitive. It will help you to be in control of your devices and make the use of your devices much more enjoyable.




IOS and Android


11 x 9 x 11 cm




Bluetooth and Wifi




 Lithium Battery


Rechargeable by USB port


1 year


Few week after charge


Until 7 synchonised profils and 140 orders







Comments (2)

Alexandra D


SPIN remote sends out infrared signals in every direction, so gone are the days when you had to point your remote control towards your equipment. Touching SPIN remote is enough to activate it and let the magic happen.

Luka W


The SPIN remote comes with a free App that will guide you through the setup process in just a few simple steps. In its most simple form you just select the function you want to add (for example “volume up”), press the button on your old remote and you’re done !

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