Aaxa P300, the movie theater at home

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Aaxa P300 is a smart and wireless device that can connect to your smartphone and has streaming apps. The projector gives you a high resolution image and a high-powered performance at home.

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Wireless connectivity

The Aaxa P300 has WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity which allows smartphone mirroring. You can also watch videos from streaming apps thanks to the built-in Android OS with pre-installed apps like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube. You can take your favorite streaming apps with you or mirror your smartphone or tablet. The device has a large range of inputs such as HDMI, mini VGA, composite AV, microSD and USB inputs. It support connection to game consoles, laptops, TV sticks and more. You can use the Bluetooth connectivity to add Bluetooth speakers for home cinema sound or add a keyboard/mouse for easy navigation.

A high definition image at home

The Aaxa P300 supports a native resolution of 1280x720 thanks to the DLP optical engine. The device is equipped with 400 LED Lumens with over 30,000 hours of life. Osram LEDs is capable of producing a bright, colorful and vibrant 120" big screen projection in dark areas and offers truly pocketable high-powered projection. The Aaxa P300 projector has the latest DLP engine with a native high definition resolution so that no compromises are made for vibrant clear pictures and accurate color reproduction.

User-friendly device

The 150 minute battery enables a truly cordless mobile operation. It also features multiple input options including a USB port, microSD slot, HDMI port, composite AV inputs, mini-VGA, 3.5mm headphone jack as well as a powerful 1W speaker. The Aaxa P300 is easy to use and comes preloaded with an Office Viewer that allows you to present your PDFs, Excel sheets, Powerpoint presentations, and Word docs right from the projector without having to connect your smartphone or your laptop. The instant on feature and powerful Android OS help you to load your presentation or movies and project wherever you are without wires.




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WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity 

400 LEDs lumens

Streaming apps

LEDs with over 30,000 hours of life

1280x720 resolution

120" screen projection




5 x 3 x 1 cm


381 gr


HD 1080p


Will it charge via a USB port?

No, it has a dedicated charger.

Can I project a presentation from my laptop to the projector without a wire?

It has inputs for HDMI, TF card, and USB. There is no bluetooth. If you want to go wireless, put your presentation on a USB thumb drive of TF card.

Does it have Youtube and Netflix?

You need to connect via WiFi.

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