Invoxia NVX620, your conference room

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The NVX 620 is both a SIP VoIP phone and a conference set. 

Origin: France .

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The partner of your meeting room

The NVX 620 is both a SIP VoIP phone and a conference set. Configured for your SIP account in no time, you'll get powerful and accurate audio for all your calls, whether you're using the handset or hands-free mode.

As a convergence tool, you can also use your mobile line or any VoIP application and find all your contacts from your NVX.

The phone is compatible with iOS and Android devices, smartphones and tablets.

Extended connectivity


The NVX 620 is compatible with all generations of iPhone and iPad as well as with Android smartphones and tablets.

If meetings and phone conversations are important to you, the NVX 620 will be the perfect companion of your everyday life whether you're using a smartphone or a tablet.

Invoxia has created a unique and innovative system of adapters to extend the compatibility of the phone to almost all smartphones and tablets of the market. This system is based on a Lightning, 30-point and micro-USB cable set, all supplied.

A smart and intuitive VoIP phone

The NVX 620 integrates your iOS or Android smartphone as a control interface, simple and effective.

We present the first professional phone that integrates the iOS and Android devices as control interface.

You call by dialing from the handset keypad, the invoxia application or the voip and mobile applications on your smartphone or tablet.
We have also focused on providing a fixed-mobile convergence tool. So you can receive calls from your IP phone invoxia to your mobile in addition to your business calls.
To answer a call in handsfree mode, whether it comes from your landline or mobile phone, simply press the volume button.
Only two touch-sensitive keys appear on the base of the invoxia desk phone, they allow you to mute the microphone and have easy access to voicemail.


The preferred user experience

Your personal universe, your contacts, your social networks, your messages, your information wires no longer stop at the doors of your office.

By choosing the interaction with your smartphone and your tablet, you get together in one business and mobile object.

Invoxia App

Download the app from the App Store or the Google Play Store and place your smartphone in its dock. It's ready !

As soon as the Bluetooth association is effective, you can control your phone with your smartphone in hand.

invoxia-nvx620-home-family    Home
Take action directly from the Home tab, where you will see your last three calls, messages and your connection status.

invoxia-nvx620-icone-recent  Recent

Find all incoming, outgoing or missed calls from your mobile, Skype or desktop in one screen.


invoxia-nvx620-icone-contact    Contacts
The Contacts icon gives you access to the contacts on your smartphone.

invoxia-nvx620-icone-keypad  Keyboard
Dial your numbers from your smartphone or tablet and enjoy the convenience and quality of the handset during your calls.

invoxia-nvx620-icone-handsfree   Hands-free
Free up all the hands-free power during your conferences via the volume button or the hand-free application icon.

invoxia-nvx620-icone-settings Settings
Simply set up your invoxia desk phone to your SIP operator and Skype.

Do not listen to loudspeakers. Do not talk to a machine.

6 loudspeakers and 1 passive radiator, produce a balanced sound, with clear highs and low bass.
4 MEMS digital microphones, insensitive to interference from the GSM network, allow your interlocutors to hear you perfectly.
Our In Vivo Acoustic technology restores spatial sound: it fills the room naturally, as if it were actually produced by a person or instrument next to you.

The conferences are comfortable and natural. Your comprehension is simplified, even with several interlocutors and in a foreign language.

The music is immersive, the stereo expanded. You are at the center of the orchestra.

We thought the office phone invoxia for it offers unmatched sound quality. The secret: an innovative acoustic design! Enjoy hands-free use of the power of In Vivo Acoustic technology to follow conference calls freely.

Your conversations will not end any more thanks to the comfort of the handset on which you find this high-definition sound quality.

Take advantage of this unique sound quality for all your titles, music applications, radios and podcasts!





We like:To know:
A conference phone that can also be personal, with unique sound power A device compatible with both iPhone 5, iPhone 4 / 4S, iPad and Android smartphones and tablets
A simple configuration Follow conference calls freely
Great design Take advantage of this unique sound quality for all your titles, music applications, radios and podcasts!


What is the ETH PC Link?

You can connect your NVX 620 phone to your computer using an Ethernet cable. This link serves you to have internet on your computer, your invoxia phone acting as a switch.

What Configuration Is Necessary?

This phone works with any SIP service provider. In most cases, you will only need SIP credentials (login and password) to configure it.

How Do I Know My SIP Identifiers?

Some operators do not communicate these identifiers which are necessary for the good operation of the invoxia phone with your SIP VoIP line.

Please check with your service provider to see if these identifiers are communicated. Most often you will find them by connecting to your online customer space.

How to Position My Product To Enjoy Optimal Acoustic Quality?

To ensure optimum listening quality and to fully enjoy the sound spatialization of the unit, avoid placing obstructions (bulky objects or walls) within 20 cm of the sides of the device.





IOS and Android


29 × 11,5 x 5,25 cm


2.5 Kg


GSM and Bluetooth




POE network


6 speakers, 4 microphones, hands-free kit, passive radiator


1 year


Screen FSTN LCD 96×32

Operating Temperature

From 0° to 40°C

Operating Humidity

From 10% to 90 %




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