Fliway 40, just put and let charge

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Fliway 40 is a charging stand that will allow you to charge your wireless devices.

Origin: United States .

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Fliway 40 is a charging stand that allows you to place your objects there, and they will be automatically recharged. With Fliway 40 you can recharge not only the Flicase shells, but also any other device such as tablets, connected watches, cameras, thanks to the supplied adapter.

Fliway 40 has a power of 40 watt.

Fliway 40 immediately interrupts the transfer of power if an unapproved object is detected: metal, liquid ...

Fliway 40 comes with a cable adapter.


Place Fliway 40 on a flat surface

Plug it into an outlet

Once connected, the warning light illuminates, and the system is checked.

Once the system has been validated, ie there are no dangerous objects on Fliway 40 (metals, liquids), the indicator light goes out and you are ready to recharge your devices.

The blue light that comes on tells you that your device is charging.

If an abnormality is detected, the light flashes red.

When Fliway 40 is inoperative, it goes into standby mode and stops working.



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Pack's Purchase is attactive 

Power of 40 Watt for the Fliway 40 and you can charge several devices at the same time

Fliway can charge your smartphone but all others devices too with its adaptator

Flicase cases are compatible with Iphone and Samsung

System adapted too any devices

One year warranty 


What devices can we power on the Fliway 40?

Fliway 40 can allows you to power your smartphone, thanks to the Flicase shell, but also any other device (connected watch, camera, tablet...) thanks to a power adaptator in the kit.

How many devices can we put on the Fliway 40 for charging ?

Fliway 40 allows you to charge until 8 devices in the same time on the same block.

How put the device in charge system on the Fliway 40 ?

In order to power a device, you just need to put it anything on the Fliway 40, a blue light turn on and it indicates that your device is charging.

When the light is red, it's a defaut, you need to take off the fake device and the Fliway 40 will be automatically active.



Comments (2)

Claire M


It works great. It’s nice not having to deal with cords all the time.

John G


FLIway 40 is a superb device for charging phones, tablets, watches, iPods. My only criticism is that I wish the power cord had been connected to one of the sides, rather than under the pad. But this is great!

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