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The NVX 200 docking station offers your mobile the comfort and efficiency of a desk phone.

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Offer the best to your mobile

You use your mobile for your communications? Would you like better comfort and would you like to be more efficient? The NVX 200 is for you.

The NVX 200 docking station offers your mobile the comfort and efficiency of a desk phone.

Mobile calls are under control: answering a call, switching to handsfree mode, dialing a call, browsing your call log or address book, dialing one of 10 favorites ... all This is possible with ease.

Professional-quality conferences

Do you use your mobile for conference calls? Would you like to hear your caller clearly and be heard?

InVivo technology delivers crystal-clear and powerful sound to your hands-free calls. In addition, the NVX 200's microphone network creates an acoustic beam that captures only the voice of the person speaking in the room, allowing you to be understood by your interlocutors.

Be more efficient than ever

With the NVX 200, your calls are always within reach.

Answer your calls in a flash, access your call log in an instant, browse your address book with ease, call one of your 10 favorite contacts in an instant ... your calls are done quickly and simply and You can stay focused on your work.

A clean and well organized office

Keep your office in order, and avoid the mountains of cables!

The NVX 200 simultaneously replaces a desk phone, a bluetooth speaker, and a mobile charger.

Use your NVX 200 with your communication applications

The NVX 200 is compatible with all your VoIP applications like Skype, Whatsapp, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Viber and others.

If you use your mobile or tablet to make video calls, the NVX 200 will be an ideal companion offering you powerful sound, keeping your mobile or tablet in the right position, as well as its load!

Protect Your Health

Do you like your mobile phone but are worried about the impact of using it too long?

Are you using a wireless headset but are afraid of the consequences of bluetooth waves?

The NVX 200 keeps you away from mobile or bluetooth, whether you use it with the handset (which is wired and safe for health) or in handsfree mode.

Compatible with all mobiles

All you need is a mobile with bluetooth! The NVX 200 does not require an application to be installed.

The docking station has a system of adapters to allow you to use any Apple terminal (iPhone or iPad), or terminal (phone or tablet) with a micro-USB charger (Android, Windows phone, or Blackberry).

And of course the NVX 200 will be a wonderful companion for your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus.

Become a partner with our SDK

Are you an operator or service provider offering a VoIP application to your customers? Invoxia offers an iOS and Android SDK to integrate your application with the NVX 200.

This allows your customers to have direct access to your app from their desktop. In one gesture and without touching their mobile, they can browse the call log and address book of your application, or compose or receive a call.




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Turns your mobile into an office phone

Compatible with any bluetooth smartphone

A simple configuration

Conference speaker

Fancy designed

Universal mobile phone charger


Which Mobiles and Tablets Are Compatible With The NVX 200?

The NVX 200 can be used with:

Any Apple iPhone or iPad (lightning or 30-pin connector)
Any mobile Android (with micro-USB connector)
Any other mobile with a micro-USB connector
The connector is used only to charge the mobile on the dock. If you are using a non-Apple mobile, and do not have a micro-USB port then:

You can still use all the features of the NVX (thanks to bluetooth)
You can connect a USB cable behind the NVX 200 and use it as a charging cable for your mobile phone
How to Install and Configure Your NVX 200?

To install and configure your NVX 200, we suggest that you follow the instructions in the manual. (It comes with)

The main steps are as follows:

Install your charging dock
By choosing the right cable and charging adapter
By installing this cable and charging adapter
Connect the different cables on the NVX 200
Pair your Bluetooth mobile phone on the NVX





IOS and Android




1 Kg






Electric 100 - 240V


1 year


Charger, speaker


Compatible will all smartphones

Temperature range

 0°C – 40°C

Humidity range

10% - 90%








Comments (2)

Dante K


Easy to put together
- Relatively easy to set up
- Stylish; looks good on the desk
- Having a dial-tone is cool
- Easy to change options for volume and ring tone
- Pairs with phone Bluetooth easily
- Reliable so far; have taken incoming calls and placed outgoing calls
- Phone charges well; seems about same speed as USB charging from power strip

Osanna F


Impressive very happy with the purchase!

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