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With Weenect Pets, always be close to your dog. You know where it is, wherever you are.

Origin: France .

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Follow your dog from your phone

With Weenect Pets you always know where your dog is, thanks to the free mobile app. Its GPS collar sends its position in real time (every 30 seconds), with no distance limit.

More fugue, you receive an alert as soon as it tries

In case your dog runs away, you receive an alert on your phone. You know its precise GPS position and can respond quickly. Unlimited number of configurable security zones.

The best for those you love

Weenect offers real-time geolocation, without limit of distance, in unlimited. The guarantee of always knowing where it is. Third party products do not have this guarantee: range of only a few meters and limitation of the number of positions degrade the service.

Ready to use in less than 3 minutes

The GPS tracker works with a SIM card (included) that allows it to be connected to your phone via our free mobile app. It is simple to use and there is no installation: save it on our site, turn it on and off you go!

If it gets saved, you'll find it in seconds

Does your dog run away often during your walks? Find it quickly with its GPS tracker. From your phone you are guided to it by the Map, the Compass or the Radar (opposite).

Relive your dog's exploits

Access to its statistics: maximum and average speeds, or distance traveled; Its GPS tag is also a tracker of activity! Thanks to the history of the trips you can even relive your family walks.

1 in 3 dogs will lose at least once in their lives

Almost 10% of them will never be found. With its GPS chip you are sure to never lose your dog; You always have its position at hand.


A position is sent every 30 seconds in real-time mode, with no distance limit.


Silicone shell for a good hold on the collar. The tracker is resistant to a drop of more than one meter.


The GPS chip has an autonomy of 8 days (in standby mode) and recharges in only 3 hours.


Its electronic collar is totally waterproof (IP67 - 1 meter deep), swimming allowed!

Weenect Pets is fixed on the animal's collar and allows you to follow its movements.

Waterproof and resistant to impacts from more than one meter hight, this "anti-run away collar" is made for those kind of situation! Especially as it has the advantage to be light (43g) and compact (4cm)... It fits to all kind of dog breed, but also to cats!

Good to know: An alarm is sent when the battery is low.


A specific tie system

GPS smart chip for cats

The attachement of the device has been created to facilitate the owner and dog's lives: this system solidly hold the GPS on the dog's collar. In addition, the GPS is rechargeable on its base and allows to the dog to keep its collar around his neck.

A run away? You are immediately alerted!

anti-escape collar


Weenect Pets created an entrance/exit zone to make you know when you're dog is running away from your home. Thanks to the application you can configure an unlimited number of zones (home, friends, neighboors etc.) to find your dog really easily!

Finding your dog back in all simplicity

GPS collar for cats

Are you trying to find your dog? The application guides you, and indicates you the direction and the distance left. Then, there are three kinds of localization possible: the map, the compass and the augmented reality (with this, you can see where is your dog through the camera of your phone).

An access to the history to relive your walks

cat GPS

From the mobile application, or your personnal space, the Weenect Pets GPS offers you the possibility to see again all your journeys together.




We like:

Good to know:

It's waterproof

No limit in the distance

the accuracy of the GPS in real time

Strap system adapted to all kind of collars

Anti-Run away Alert 

Possibility to see the history of the walks



How can we know when our pet is moving away a bit too much?

Weenect Pets sends you an alert when your pet is getting out from a predetermined zone (home for example).

How does the delivery take place?

No need to move or to wait for the delivery, Weenect Pets is directly slipped into your mailbox. In France, the delivery period is around 2-4 working days, in Europe 3-5 days, and the rest of the world 4-10 days.

How does it work?

You just need to configure an unlimited number of zones: home, friends, neighboors ; at the moment your pet enters or gets out, you are warned! Then, your can find it back easily thanks to the mobile application.

Does Weenect Pets disturb your pet?

No, in fact the Weenect Pets has been created for your pet's well-being and security. Your pet will be able to move in all kinds of environments without risking to get injured or to damage it.



CompatibilityIOS and Android
ConnectivityGPRS, GPS, GSM
Devices Apple CompatiblesSmartphones, Tablets and Computers
PowerRechargeable battery
Autonomy4 days
DimensionsTag 48 x 40 x 16.5 mm Collar 32 to 57 cm
Precision5 metres


Avis (4)

Kevin B


This tells me if I need to whistle her back or not. Sometimes it may take a minute or two to get a recent position but that is rare.

Angela N


Works really well but needs charged every day.

Paula M


Amazing piece of equipment. Excellent after service from the Weenect team very helpful.

Josh S


Excellent product - made me feel safer on trips away.

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