Mousr, your cat’s favorite companion

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Mousr is the best companion your cat could ask for. He plays and reacts to your cat's behavior to give him a realistic playing experience.

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Reacts to your cat’s behavior

Mousr is the best companion for your cat after yourself. It reacts to your cat and senses how to play with him. You can pick 3 different automatic playing techniques and customize them according to your cat’s personality. Your smartphone can work as a remote control to play with your cat or let Mousr do the work. It knows when it’s stuck and can be set to stay that way or to free itself. It can flip to the side and works on most domestic surfaces. Its wireless range is up to 10 meters and creates a large playground. You can also change the tails so your cat is never bored.

Has a strong resistance

Mousr has a high quality fabrication. It can resist even to the strongest cats and their tricks. You can choose the game that fits your cat’s best and even adapt them to their mood with speed and aggressiveness settings. You can let your cat treat Mousr as they want as it’s very easy to just pop a new tail when it’s worn out. Mousr also comes with software updates so your cat can get better with his play style. The toy has navigation sensors  to avoid obstacles and make sure not to get damaged.

It covers for you when you are busy

If you feel like getting some work done or relaxing for a while, Mousr covers up for you and plays with your cat while you’re busy. It is very easy to use and does the work for you. No expert level is needed, Mousr can be configured according to your remote driving technique. You can get creative and even control Mousr when you can’t see it. It has a sound feature to attract your cat so that he can go after  Mousr and find where he’s hidden. You can adapt the sound setting according to the personality of your cat.




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Adapts to your cat 

Your smartphone can work as a remote

Tails can be changed

Can play with your cat on its own

Very resistant

Adapts to most surfaces




7.5 x 5.8 x 3.5 cm



Battery life


Charge time 



Bluetooth 4.2

Wireless range 



Are you able to easily remove wheels and axles to clean any hair bound in the drive mechanism?

Mousr is designed with a steel screw that makes it easy and reliable to remove the wheels and replace them many times. 

Can it easily be destroyed?

Mousr is constructed of ultra-tough polycarbonate and has been extensively tested in extreme conditions. Your cats can feel free to bite, scratch, and drop to their heart’s content. The most sensitive part of Mousr’s body is the forward-facing sensor on his nose, which is used to detect and avoid obstacles. If the sensor’s window gets scuffed, it could limit his ability to run autonomously. As extra precautions, we have coated the window with an anti-scratch solution and recessed it into the face plate to prevent damage from head-on collisions.

Can i use it with my dog?

While Mousr is built to withstand any abuse a cat can throw at him, we strongly recommend against using him with dogs. Due to their incredible bite strength, dogs are capable of destroying just about anything if they set their minds to it.

Does it need the remote or does it work on its own?

Both! Mousr can drive on just about any household surface, and our unique Driver Assist mode uses Mousr's sensors and AI to help navigate in tough driving conditions, so you don’t have to be an expert at remote control driving. Mousr can also run all by himself with his first-of-its-kind auto mode. With state of the art sensing and intelligence, Mousr actually knows when he’s caught, when he’s stuck, and when playtime is over. Auto mode can be configured using the mobile app, and we’re always adding new games and behaviors with free software updates.


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