Night Owl, a doorbell that brings you safety

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Night Owl replaces your doorbell with a secure system and a camera. The two-way audio allows you to communicate with anyone that shows up at your door.

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Replaces your doorbell with high security system

The Night Owl doorbell system replaces your existing doorbell with a 1080p smart doorbell equipped with a real-time dual sensor that sends an alert to your smartphone. The 2-way allows you to hear and to communicate with anyone who is in front of your house that you can see at all times thanks to the camera. The night vision feature and the wide viewing angle provides a high quality security viewing. You no longer have to peep through a tiny peephole to see who is at your door. Thanks to the Night Owl doorbell, you can enjoy a clear and crisp image from the convenience of your smartphone.

An efficient way to keep your home safe

The Night Owl camera helps you see any intricate detail with a better clarity so that you can detect threats with a better precision. The microSD card recording can record video, receive real-time alerts and remotely view the doorbell no matter where you go. The dual sensor technology eliminates the number of false alerts you receive by up to 90% and detects movement from animals, people and vehicles. The doorbell only records when necessary to conserve space on the microSD card and sends you alerts that matter so that you don’t have to worry when you are away. You can receive a real-time alert directly to your smartphone when heat and motion are detected within the doorbell’s field of view.

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It captures everything with great detail

Thanks to the pairing of both audio and video, it creates detailed recordings that can be useful to ensure the security of your home. You can speak with someone at your front door from your smartphone, even when you are enjoying your time away from home. The built-in microphone and speaker produce a clear audio that helps you speak with anyone at your door, from neighbors to delivery people. The night vision goes up to 30 ft. with a black and white night vision and a full-color day vision with a 140° field of view. The camera provides a 1080p resolution day or night, rain or shine as it is designed for outdoor use and is weather-resistant to withstand moisture and dirt debris.




We love :

To know :

Image with a high definition

Sensor that eliminates false alerts

Direct connection on your smartphone

Only records what is necessary

Two-way audio

Sends alerts on your smartphone




5 x 2 x 1.3 inches


0.29 lbs


802.11 b/g/n wifi connection 2.4GHz

Wireless range

300 ft line of sight


2 way

Viewing angle


Length of night vision


Recording resolution


Micro sd recording

16gb micro sd card

Maximum storage capacity

Up to 128gb


Can it be connected to more than one phone?

Yes, the camera can have up to 3 simultaneous viewers.

Does it have to be installed as a hardwired or is this a wireless device for the doorbell?

It is wired and replaces your existing wired doorbell. It is wireless in the sense that it wirelessly connects to your Wi-Fi for viewing.

What happens when the sd card is full?

Once the MicroSD card is full, it will overwrite the oldest recording. We recommend periodically checking and downloading any recordings you may want to keep from the MicroSD card.


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