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AirPatrol WiFi, universal air conditioner controller

  • AirPatrol WiFi
  • AirPatrol WiFi
AirPatrol WiFi
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AirPatrol WiFi is a smart air conditioner controller that helps lower your energy use and save money. You can control your device from anywhere thanks to the WiFi connection.

Origin: Sweden 

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Rated 5.00 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 3 customer reviews

This device is an amazing controller for my thermostat. I initially bought it to integrate it which works, but I actually mostly use the app as it is nicely designed and really convenient. I love that I can already set my ideal temperature for my home from work and wouldn’t want to ever be without this function. Being able to do so will definitely save me a few dollars in the colder months – I’m looking forward to the results!

AirPatrol makes life so much easier. No matter how I set up the temperature in our home, my wife was never satisfied. Too cold, too warm… which is why I decided to buy this device. I have only had it for a few days but since my wife installed the app on her phone, she can change the temperature herself.

I wanted to take control of the AC because my husband keeps on lowering the temperature and it's getting annoying. I tried this out because of my annoyment (kind of impulsive, I know) but thank God it works perfectly! It's very easy to set up and it only took me about 5 mins so it's not that time-consuming. The app works smoothly too and it feels super good to be in control!

AirPatrol WiFi, universal air conditioner controller
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AirPatrol WiFi is an ideal device to control and monitor your home climate with your smartphone. AirPatrol WiFi connects wirelessly to your home AC, mini-split, window AC and makes it smart. You will be in control of the temperature and humidity by changing AC’s mode, temperature, fan speed and swing. AirPatrol WiFi lets you know if the temperature is too high or low. In case temperature is not a problem it also notifies about low/high humidity, connection status and when you should clean AC filters.

You may set calendar based timers for more convenient and automatic usage and even check local outdoor weather from the intuitive free smartphone application.


How it works?

AirPatrol WiFi uses wireless channels for communication: strong WiFi cloud network between smartphone and AirPatrol and IR between AC and AirPatrol.

Installation takes just a few minutes and it works with all known air conditioners.

1. Just place and plug in AirPatrol WiFi near your AC

2. Download the free app from GooglePlay Store / iTunes Store

3. Pair AirPatrol WiFi with your smartphone and follow the instructions.


AirPatrol Mobile App

Be in control even if you are not at home! Set up notifications so that you know when temperature or humidity exceeds the comfort zone or even prevent dangerously high/low temperatures and humidity. It is good to know when to clean up your AC, service message notification will help you out! Sometimes power outages and internet failures occour and AirPatrol will always inform you when connection is lost.

With AirPatrol, you can set automatic time cues for your A/C or heat pump. For example, pre-set a command that lowers your room temperature during night time and put this on repeat for the whole week. Lowering your room temperature by only 1°C will save you 5% more money. Studies also show that cooler room temperature for the night time enhances quality of sleep and being able to save money in the process - it's a win-win.