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Tucky, take care of your baby from a distance

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Tucky: take care of your baby remotely and continuously with the connected thermometer. 

Origin: France .

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Rated 5.00 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 3 customer reviews

I find the concept very interesting! It is no longer disturbing the child thanks to its really small size.<br /> Tucky stays in place for the whole duration of the fever so you become really less stressed as you know that an alarm will sound if the temperature rises too high!<br />

Tucky is installed very easily and permanently controls the child's temperature in a very reliable way. The application is just great: you can have a curve that highlights the peaks of temperature and you can add all sorts of annotations.

Easy and really quick to install it allows me to follow the temperature of my baby boy wherever l am and allows me to sleep on both of my ears thanks to its position monitor function (ideal for newborns)!<br />

Tucky, take care of your baby from a distance
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The solution for baby fever

Tucky de e-TakesCare

With Tucky you can monitor and manage the temperature of each child on your Smartphone with the Tucky application.

A temperature history is also at your disposal, Tucky takes the temperature of your child continuously and alerts you in case of emergency.

Tucky is soft and light: 8g and it is very thin: 7mm, it has a range of 5 days before having to be recharged. So you can analyze the temperature of your child overnight and see its evolution on your logbook available in your Smartphone.

Curve temperature bebe and alert fever and sudden death

courbe temperature bebe et alerte fievre et mort subite