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 The Play Impossible Gameball is an active gaming system that brings digital action indoors and outdoors 

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Discover Play Impossible Gameball

Discover Play Impossible Gameball

The Play Impossible Gameball is an active gaming system that brings digital action indoors and outdoors with a variety of free connected ball games you can play on your own or with friends. The Gameball is embedded with patent-pending sensor technology that connects to the Play Impossible app via Bluetooth. We are on a mission to re-ignite the simplicity and joy of face-to-face play. Join us!
Digital play in a physical way

We've created a platform for connected play and sports for kids nine and older who love video games and love being active. The Gameball is designed for both single and multi player use.

Connect, Compete, Create.

The experience is physical, interactive, and fun. Our active gaming system comes with a variety of free preloaded games on the free Play Impossible App for iOS, Android, and Fire devices. The Gameball connects via Bluetooth to your device and measures real-time action to re-ignite the simplicity and joy of face-to-face play.

Super charge - super fast

Refuel your Gameball in just 20 seconds for a full hour of play with the Rapid Charger.

Professionally handcrafted

Each Gameball is professionally handcrafted. We are proud to partner with Baden Sports to combine Play Impossible's state-of-the-art technology with Baden's high-performance sporting goods tradition.

Games to get you moving

Challenge your ball skills with the popular new game Impossible; see how long it takes to reach your vertical limit in Skyscraper; use brains and brawn in a new version of 'keep away' with Jostle.



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To know :

Over 30 apps available for iOS and Android 

Induction charging base provides over an hour of full-throttle gameplay

Capable of rolling speeds up to 7 feet per second  

The Gameball connects via Bluetooth to your iOS or Android

Connects to your device via Bluetooth and boasts a range of up to 100 ft

High impact polycarbonate shell


Tech Specs

  • iOS, Android, and Windows compatible
  • Goes over 4.5 mph (2m/s)
  • Durable polycarbonate shell
  • Built-in LED glow
  • Bluetooth connection (100 foot range)
  • Inductive charging (over 1 hour of play on a full charge)
  • Over 30 apps available that offer numerous ways to play
  • Hackable and programmable internal robot 
  • App updates that introduce new features and gameplay
  • Automatic firmware updates



How do I charge the Gameball?

To charge the Gameball, align the triangular end of the Rapid Charger to the corresponding power triangle on the surface of the Gameball. Please note there are two red triangles on the Gameball. Locate the triangle that does not say “air”, and touch the dots on the Rapid Charger to the two matching dots on the Gameball with medium pressure for 15-20 seconds the first time you charge your ball. If your Play Impossible app does not indicate it is actively charging, you may need to release the charger and re-align the connection dots. You may be prompted to update your Gameball with a firmware update. Now that you’re charged up, go out and play!

One Gameball charge will last for approximately 60 minutes of play time, or 4-6 hours at rest.

The AA batteries in the Rapid Charger will charge the Gameball for approximately 200 play sessions.

Firmly press and hold the release button on your Rapid Charger. Pull lanyard until the inner battery holder slides out completely. Insert 2 AA batteries with + end facing towards narrow end of the battery holder. Slide the charger holder back into outer charger sleeve until you hear the release button click into place. You’re back in action.


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Kids love playing this game with friends or even alone!!

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