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Zepp Play Football tracks stats, make game report, and uses newest technology to create highlights video.

Origin: United States . 

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Zepp Soccer Sensor

Zepp Play Football allows you to follow your football/soccer performances then collect and transmit the data in real time on your smartphone and tablets.

The product is divided into two parts: the leg and the sensor, the latter is placed behind the calf of the striking leg, that is to say in the leg.

With its weight of 7g and dimensions of 33mm long and 22mm wide, Zepp Play Football is very discreet and space saving.

Connected with Bluetooth, Zepp Play Football collects and analyzes player statistics (average speed, sprints, striking force).

But it does not stop there: the sensor makes it possible to differentiate the number of passes from the number of shots.

The application provides a video function for the coach who can, with a single click, activate the camera function of their smartphone and record sequences of 10 seconds. Thanks to its autonomy of 40 hours, this connected object can be used during several sessions without having to be recharged.


ZEPP FOOTBALL can be sold separately
The leggings are available in size S / M and L / XL, sold separately
The football kit contains: 1 sensor, 2 legs and a USB charger




We like :

To know :

Very compact and lightweight

Can be used to make videos of 10 seconds, to illustrate the statistics and go further in the analysis.

Tracking your physical activity with smartphone

Operating time: more than 40 hours

Accurate information 

Ability to share videos on social networks


How to assign a sensor to a player?

Go to your profile menu
Press the team
Tap the name of your team
Select the drive to which you want to assign a sensor
Press the edit button
Scroll to the bottom of the menu until "Assign Sensor"
Press the +
Touch the sensor you have listed
The green tick indicates that the sensor is assigned to the drive
Press the Back button
Under "Assigned Sensor", you will see the sensor ID
Press "save" in the upper right corner
Under the drive profile, you will see the sensor assigned to the drive.
Back to the "Games" menu
Tap the scheduled game you want to start
Note that the player has a "check mark" next to his name
Tap on "enable sensors"
Once the sensor is activated, tap "I am ready"
Press "kick off" to start the game

How to join a game?

In Zepp Play Soccer, you can join a game from another Zepp soccer player playing.
 Please make sure that "Location Services" is enabled to use this feature.
All players who join a game must Zepp Play the Soccer Sensor (s) to participate in a game.

There are two ways to join a game.

Automatically detect a game near you:

Player A starts a game.
Player B opens the application and will see the match broadcast in the game menu.
Player B taps on the game notification to enter the game.
Player B and Player A will see a list of players in the game.



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Claire M


Love! Love! Love It! So easy to set up and use and the information is extremely useful!

Rihanne P


My husband & son love getting all the soccer statistics.

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