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H2O-Pal, the smart water bottle

  • H2O-Pal, the smart water bottle
  • H2O-Pal, the smart water bottle
  • H2O-Pal, the smart water bottle
  • H2O-Pal, the smart water bottle
H2O-Pal, the smart water bottle
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H2O Pal is a smart bottle that helps you everyday by reminding you that it is important to stay hydrated. 
Origin : USA 
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Rated 5.00 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 4 customer reviews


Very good!

I take this everywhere with me. The bottle has a very natural feel to it and the rubber makes it very easy to grip. If I did not have this bottle I would never be able to keep good track of my water intake. This helps me so much.

This is buy far the best water tracker I have ever used. Great buy, worth every penny.

I really like this bottle. I've only had it for a few days, but it is making it super easy for me to get my water intake for the day.

H2O-Pal, the smart water bottle
Tax included


A smart bottle for healthier habits ! 

At home, at work, or at the gym... H2O-PAL is coming with you everywhere ! Actually, this product is not only for sporty people ! H2O-Pal is going to change your bad habits ! Indeed, we don't always have the instinct to drink enough water during the day, especially if we are busy. However, water is the essential thing for a healthy body and mind ! That is why H2O-Pal is here to remind you to hydrate yourself along the day ! 

It is actually quite hard to know exactly the quantity of water we drink everyday. Thanks to H2O-Pal, you will completely get rid of deshydration. It really plays an active role in your everyday water consumption. Your everyday water comsuption will get healthier ! Besides, as the data will be registered on the app, you will notice your progress !

H2O-Pal is a sensor attached at the bottom of the bottle. Thus, this sensor will be able to weight the water and to measure the volume of it, then, it will send the data to the app, straight to your smartphone. You will then be able to be aware of the quantity of water you still need to drink during the day.  Everytime you will consume water or add some more, an automatic update will be made.

The battery is a common coin sell battery,  which lasts about 4 to 6 months according to the frequency of the use. 

The bottle is included in the package when you buy the sensor H2O Pal. However, you still can use your own bottle, provided that the outside diameter of the bottle is 3" and weights at least 80g. 

Good to know : as water is the main element for our body, it helps to maintain good standards of health and eliminate toxins. It also improves your skin complexion !

H2O-Pal adjusts to your needs, for personalised notifications and advice. H2O-Pal will definitely improve your health