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MyDNA, achive your goals!

  • MyDNA, achive your goals!
  • MyDNA, achive your goals!
  • MyDNA, achive your goals!
  • MyDNA, achive your goals!
MyDNA, achive your goals!
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The myDNA Personalised Nutrition Report tests 7 genes that can influence body weight and size. Based on the results of your report you will receive a recommended diet that is most suitable to your body.

Origin: Australia 

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Rated 5.00 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 2 customer reviews

Great value for money compared with other DNA tests. This one doesn't look at as many genes as some of the others, but the results and other information they provide is so much more comprehensive! Plus it includes recipes and workouts. Very happy!

The ease of use of this product is fantastic. I’ve done others such as DNAFit, and myDNA is straight-forward, simple to understand, and provides insight as to nutrition and fitness. Not to mention, the price is about a third of anything else out there with the same type of information. Top notch!

MyDNA, achive your goals!
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Truly personalised insights


The myDNA Nutrition and Fitness + Caffeine Test Kit gives you personalised nutrition, fitness and caffeine insights. It is an innovative scientific solution that tells you which foods to eat and the serving sizes as well as what sports and fitness exercises are best for you. It also gives you an insight on how you respond to your daily coffee. Your results are extracted by our lab and then published in your secure portal.

Comprehensive analysis

The device provides a comprehensive analysis personalised to your DNA. You get meal plans with dozens of personalized recipes and an eight-week fitness plan designed for your DNA. You can continuously access the tools you need to get you organized, inspired and track your progress. You can track everything on the app that is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Start turning your DNA insights into action with recipes and workouts personalised to your genetic results.


Understand your DNA

The device helps you to use your DNA to personalise your health. The myDNA's Nutrition and Fitness test delivers clearly explained insights to give you a deeper understanding of yourself and how to optimize your nutrition, fitness  and caffeine habits. The nutrition insights cover 7 genes to help you understand weight and appetite, triglyceride levels, fat storage and burning and processing of fatty acids. It will show how four genes affect how your body processes caffeine and help you establish better daily routines and improve sleep quality.