Activ5, strengthen all your muscles anywhere while having fun !

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Activ5 is the pocket sports coach that will make you do complete exercises whenever you will not have time to go to the gym. So, every time for many.

Origin: Switzerland 

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Activ5, a device and app entirely dedicated to your fitness


It is a device connected to a companion app with a fun training panel of a few minutes that can be done anywhere.


Discover your strength with the help of isometries


In short, Activ5 has a technology based on isometries. To mention only the high precision pressure sensors that allow it to measure your strength and thus deduce the appropriate training. Then the app will give you instructions to improve your posture and maximise the impact of movements on your health.


More specifically, a marker taking the shape of a dot or a skier on the app will represent the pressure you will apply on the device. Enough force will direct the skier to the right or will make the dot go high and not enough will have the opposite effect.


For all the family

Activ5’s isometric exercises, safe and low-impact, are suitable for all ages. Each family member can create their own account and have their own ‘fitness print’ with 100 exercises based on their maximum strength. There will be no more excuse for the children or the grandparents: they will not neither too easy nor too difficult.


5 Minutes!

That is all Activ5 needs to work all your body’s muscles. Its secret are exercises that require the contraction of several muscles at the same time and for a prolonged period of time. Do some 3 times a day to be one of those who have increased their strength by 30% in a month and half.


Exercises or games? You can hardy tell the difference!

Because Activ5 knows how to give you a good time. 6 free mobile games can be downloaded to forget the pain during your session. Do not forget to use the included tablet/smartphone stand to do your exercise freely.




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Good to know :

Easy to use

Decrease in blood pressure and improved range of motion

For all the family

You can download 6 free Activ5 casual games and use Activ5 as the game controller

The abs, upper and lower muscles are all stressed when using the device

Maximum supported force : 90 kg




95 x 78 x 33 mm





Maximum supported force




Bluetooth 4.1



iOS 8.1 and Android 4.4 or later


Power supply

1 AAA battery (included)


Shelf life

6 months (may vary depending on use and environmental conditions)


Operating temperature

0 to 35 ºC



How to hold Activ5?

For best results, position the Activ5 device in your hands as follow:


How does Active5 work?

The way you interact with the Active5 App is through a marker, which represents the amount of pressure applied to your Activ5 device.

In the Activ5 App, the marker will be a dot or a skier.

In Activ5 Games, the marker will vary.

Pressure you apply on the Activ5 device controls your marker.


How to replace the battery?

1. You need a new AAA battery and a flat-head screwdriver.

2. Hold Activ5 and the screwdriver like this. The Activ5 logo should be visible.

3. Insert the tip of the screwdriver in the opening.

4. Softly turn until you here a CLICK sound. The lid pops slightly opened.

5. Gently slide the screwdriver along the edge of Activ5, keeping the tip inside the crevice, until you get to the logo. Then stop and slightly turn until you hear a CLICK. The lid is now open and you can carefully remove it.

6. Replace the battery.

7. Snap the lid back on when you are done. 


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