Bionic Bird, your smartphone is your remote

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Control the Bionic Bird via the mobile application and enjoy a unique experience: fly!

Origin: France 

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The bionic bird, a bird as real as a true one

The Bionic Bird is an original drone which is able to fly like a real bird. It is very light, with a weight of only 9,5 grammes. This explains why there is no camera on it. You will only need your smartphone or tablet to easily control the Bionic Bird.

It is the only flying object in the world that does not scare birds. The drone perfectly suits its environment thanks to its revolutionary mechanism (identic as a flapping bird), appealing friends like enemies. Every material has been specifically designed for this drone, its low weight (9 gramms), its strenght and flexibility (by using quality materials), and its innovating system which allows to reduce the speed of the motor. Everything is miniaturized to the extreme, to obtain the most possible compact object in order to offer a unique experience to the user.

What contains my package at its delivery ?

-Your Bionic Bird ready to fly
-The portable egg recharger for Bionic Bird and USB cable.
- A pair of replacement wings.
- A bag of aluminum strips to refine the wing balance.
- An instruction manual.

Technical features 

- Ultra light bird, weight 9.2 g
- Powerful main motor (1.2 watt output) with aluminum radiator
- Electronic anti overheating protection.
- 1:36 Reducer (patented) ultra compact and lightweight (0.3 g)
- Precise power control (128 steps)
- Adjustable tail angle for slow or fast flights (indoor / outdoor)
- Steering control by wing deformation (patented) precise and immediate for acrobatic flying
- Impressive gliding finesse due to its very low Alaire load (3.42 g / dm 2)
- On­board hybrid lithium polymer battery, 50 mAh (1.6 g)
- Short circuit protection, battery overload and complete discharge for a longer life.
- Autonomy for a 6 minute flight at full speed, 7.5 minute max for normal flight or a distance of 1.8 km.

The egg 

The egg is designed to charge your Bionic Bird. It is also a stylish and decorative object that acts as a support for the bird to sit on.

The Egg – Stand Alone Charger
- 36 grams, 57 x 45 mm
- Hybrid lithium polymer battery, 800 mAh
- Total capacity of the egg: 10 full flights, or 75­minutes of flying time.
- Short charging time of the Bird, only 12 minutes thanks to a proprietary smart charging cycle
- "Turbo Charge®."
- The bird charges on the egg where it connects automatically by retractable magnetic contacts.
- Charging time of the egg: 1 hour
- Auto complete shut down of the egg after 12 minutes of inactivity (saves battery).
- Conveniently packaged, reusable bag for storage and transportation of the product.

Dimensions & performances

Fuglens længde: 17 cm
Fuglens størrelse: 33 cm
Fuglens vægt: 8,85 g
Kontrol af fuglen: Kraft (højde) og styring
'Ægget' - Oplader: LiPo Batteri med kapacitet på 800 mAh
Indbygget akkumulator: LiPO 50 mAh, 20 C-1100 mA
Fuglens flyvetid i normal flyvning: 7,5 min
Egg Autonomi: 10 belastninger / 75 minutters flyvning
Fuglens opladningstid: 12 min
Opladningstid for ægget via USB: 60 minutter
Automatisk slukning af ægget efter: 12 minutter
Afstandskontrol af fuglen under flyvning: 100 m
Protokol: Bluetoth 4
Motoromdrejningshastighed (ingen belastning): 53.000 omdr./min
Motorrotationshastighed (belastet): 35.000 rpm
Vinger klappefrekvens max: 18 Hz
Vingerfladningsamplitude: 55 °
Alaire belastning: 3,42 g / dm 2
Max vingespænding: 10 g
Nødvendigt niveau: Begynder

Application Flying app

- Range: 100m
- Protocol: Bluetooth
- Multiplayer system with Bluetooth connection, ability for several players in one place. No limitations.
- User Interface: 2 modes easy / expert
- Expert: touch throttle and steering control. Right and left handed operation.
- Easy: touch throttle control, steering control by tilting the phone.
- Sensors used: magnetometer, accelerometer.
- Configurable sensitivity.
- Spring recall function activated or not by the throttle.
- Battery level indicator of the bird in flight, and the strength of the BT signal.
- Interactive Sound / Vibration feedback information controls.
- Immersive sound environment.




We love :

To know :

The range

Keep out of children

2 modes available

12 minutes of charging time

 Interactive Sound 

Control it through your smartphone






IOS and Android


Bird: 17 x 33 cm egg: 57 x 45 mm


Bird: 9,2g egg: 36g






Lithium battery


75 minutes to fly


Beginner or expert option on the app




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