AVITRON V2.0, the radio-controlled drone.


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The Avitron V2.0 is a radio-controlled bird flying wings.
Thanks to him, fly like a bird!

Origin: France Résultat de recherche d'images pour "drapeau france".

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Robust, very light and totally harmless, it can also fly in a living room if its tail is set in slow mode.

With it you can perform acrobatic flights with your fingertips. And enjoy its high-end performance.

Everyone who saw it fly say it, Avitron is magic!

The bird

The Avitron is a radio-controlled bird. Designed in France, it enjoys such rigorous quality control that every bird is a prototype. Bionic Bird imitates both the gliding of the eagle and the beating of a swallow.

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The flight

Bionic Bird flies in a living room if its tail is set in slow mode: your cat will love it. Outdoors, it flies over 100 meters without noise noises with spikes of 20 km / h. Even the birds are lured! But watch out for predators who will not hesitate to attack it ...

Included in the box: a bird full, a radio control, strips to balance the bird, a pair of replacement wing

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Technical details
Range of 100 m
- Lithium battery, rechargeable on its remote control (6 AA batteries not included)
- Radio in 2.4GHz (multi-frequency: 128 players)
- Adjustable tail angle (internal or external flight)
- Charging time: 12min
- Age: 14+

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This product is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and within 30 days after the date of purchase.

Language of the record

Battery Required

Batteries included

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Other infos:

- Ultra light, weight 8.85 g - Powerful main motor with aluminum radiator - Range up to 100 m - 2.4 GHz connection with Spread Spectrum. - Extremely accurate power control (128 steps) - Accurate and immediate steering control for acrobatic flights - Electronic overheating protection for engine and battery - Flies up to 1.5 km in one flight - Up to 75 charges per set of batteries - Hybrid lithium battery Polymer included - Automatic radio remote control (battery saving) - Adjustable tail angle for slow or fast flights - Up to 8 min flight at full power for 1 load - System Of turbocharging: 12 min - Multi-frequency system without quartz (128 players simultaneously)




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The first bionic bird version Pro!

Scope 100 m

A radio-controlled bird simulating the flight of real birds
Indoor / outdoor use
Adjustable flight speed, outdoor use or in the living room.

12-min charging time with Intelligent Load Cycle Turbo Charge®


Avitron looks fragile and delicate, how to handle it?

The product has been tested for a lifetime of hundreds of flight cycles, however it remains a high tech product to handle with caution when it does not fly. Avoid grasping it by the wings or the tail, but rather by its body in foam. Avoid by manipulating it, that the wings collide or cling to another object. Never let it rest on its wings, under another object, or directly exposed to the sun for a long time. When charging, place it carefully and without force on the charging valve, proceed with the change of the wings with delicacy.

My kids would like to play with it, should I let them use it?

No, for the reasons mentioned above, it is strongly discouraged to let a child handle Avitron. In addition, it is a model-type product, which does not meet the safety requirements for toys (under 10 years). On the other hand, they will enjoy the Avitron show in flight!

What batteries should I use for the remote control?

6 AA 1.5V LR6 batteries. It should be noted that rechargeable batteries of the same size can also be used, provided they are of good quality (capacity> 2000 mAh). It is advisable to use at the beginning a set of new and identical batteries. The wear of each stack will be exactly the same rate, and therefore it will be necessary to change them all at the same time when they are empty. If you are mixing new and old batteries, they will be quickly empty, and your unit will not work, while some batteries will still be good.

What are the functions of the radio control?

The right lever is used to direct the bird (right / left), it is equipped with a return spring. When released, it returns to its middle position. The left lever is used to adjust the flapping speed of the wings (lever down, stop, lever up maximum power). This lever has no return spring.

How to load my Avitron?

Open the charge valve on the radio control (picture 4), Turn on the radio control by pressing the power button, the power button lights up. Position the bird on the charge flap, with the bird's head pointing outward (picture 6). Proceed with delicacy so that the gold-colored contacts on the card fit securely into the slot of the flap. Then the charging indicator blinks and the power button goes off, it means the bird is charging. Charging will be completed when the charging indicator stops blinking and remains green. When the load is complete, remove the bird, then the power button will turn on, and close the flap. The charging time is approximately 12 minutes.



Shipping Weight: 0.91 kg
Dimensions: 40.5 x 36 x 8.5 cm
Length of the bird: 17 cm
Wingspan of the bird: 33cm
Weight of the bird: 9.2g
Autonomy of flight: 7.5 minutes max in normal flight ie 1.8 km away
Type of loading: loading on radio control
Charging time: 12 min with an Intelligent Load Cycle Turbo Charge®
Range: 100m

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