Fitbit Ionic, your personal coach trainer

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Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch find the guidance to reach your goals with dynamic personal coaching

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Introducing Fitbit Ionic—the watch designed for your life. Find the guidance to reach your goals with dynamic personal coaching, built-in GPS and continuous heart rate. Stay motivated by storing and playing 300+ songs and get inspired by a global fitness community. Plus, get convenient access to popular apps, payments on your wrist and a battery life of up to 5 days. Fitbit Ionic syncs automatically and wirelessly to computers and 200+ leading iOS, Android & Windows devices using Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology. Syncing range- Up to 20 feet, Call and text notifications via Bluetooth 4.0, Music control via Bluetooth Classic on Android, iOS and Windows devices, Syncing to computers requires Internet connection and USB port, Syncing to mobile devices requires Bluetooth and Internet connection, Syncs with Windows Vista and later, Mac OS X 10.6 and up, iPhone 4S and later, iPad 3 gen. and later, and leading Android and Windows devices. The wristband is made of a flexible, durable elastomer material similar to that used in many sports watches & the buckle is made from surgical-grade stainless steel.If the band gets wet or if you sweat in it, remove and completely dry the band before putting it back on. Give your wrist a rest by taking the band off every now and then, Operating temperature- -4 degree to 113 degree Fahrenheit, Maximum operating altitude- 30,000 feet.

Real-time guidance to reach your goals

Start dynamic personal coaching right on your wrist, complete with on-screen guidance during every move. Store and play 300+ songs, create your own playlist or access Pandora stations. Use built-in GPS/GLONASS to track pace, distance & routes.

Essential features to keep you moving

Use PurePulse heart rate to better track calorie burn, optimize intensity during workouts, and measure your health and fitness over time. Use Run, Bike and other multi-sport modes to track specific workouts with real-time stats. Track duration and calories burned for swimming, running and biking.


Get key notifications such as calls and text alerts, along with access to your favorite apps and built-in payment with an NFC chip, all through a customizable clock face.


A day lasts 24 hours. So should your watch. With a multi-day battery life of up to 5 days, Fitbit Ionic tracks your morning, night and everything in between (varies with use and other factors).


Track your steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes, time asleep and weight, log food, set new goals, follow your progress and connect with friends in the Fitbit app.

The watch designed for your life.

Personalized guidance and insights. Your favorite songs and apps. All the features you love from Fitbit. This is the watch you’ve been waiting for.



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Its design : super-slim, sophisticated and swim-proof

Battery : 5 days

A very complete app

1-year warranty

Its "Smart Track"

Sync wirelessly



What is synchronization?

Synchronization is the data transfer process collected by your camera in your Fitbit dashboard. The dashboard is where you can track your progress, see how you slept, set goals, save water and food down, challenge your friends and much more. Electronic coaches and watches use the technology BLE (Bluetooth low energy) to synchronize with the phones, tablets and computers. The Fitbit scales use Wi-Fi to connect directly to your router. The instructions in the article How to configure my Fitbit device? explain how to make sure your device can sync with your Fitbit dashboard.

When my coach or my electronic watch-they clock?

If your device is associated with the Fitbit app, it syncs every time you open the application. If you enable Sync Keep it also synchronizes periodically throughout the day. If you synchronize your device with a computer and Fitbit Connect, e coach is automatically synchronized every 15 to 30 minutes provided the unit Fitbit and the computer are nearby and that the dongle is plugged in, if any.

How to manually synchronize my e-coach or my watch?

To manually sync your device with your nearby device, open the Fitbit app and find the image of your device on the dashboard of the Fitbit app. Press the image of your Fitbit device at the top of the screen and drag it down (on Windows 10 devices, find the picture down and pull up).

When my balance is she syncs?

Once your Fitbit Aria Fitbit Aria 2 or configured on your wireless network, it automatically synchronizes your statistics on your Fitbit dashboard after each weighing.
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Once your popular measures, a check mark should appear, indicating that the synchronization is complete. You can then view your data in your Fitbit dashboard.

Where can I see the date and time of the last sync my device?

Find information on your Fitbit device, including the firmware version, battery level and the last sync your device into your Fitbit table edge:

From the dashboard of the Fitbit app, tap or click the icon account ( Image added by the user)> thumbnail of the camera.

If you use the dashboard, click the gear icon ( Image added by the user). You will see the date of the last synchronization just as the image of your Fitbit device.

Why can not I synchronize my device?

If you sync your device has stopped, it is likely a connection problem. For more information on diagnosing and solving problems, see Why is my Fitbit device does not he synchronizes? 

She will Synchronization function on my phone, my tablet or computer?

You can synchronize e coaches and watches with Fitbit Fitbit app. The latter is available for iOS, Android and Windows devices 10. For more information, choose a section below.

  • Fitbit app for iOS

    The Fitbit app for iOS is compatible with most iPhones and iPads. Make sure your version is compatible . To learn more about using your Fitbit device with an iPhone or iPad, watch the following video. (English only)

  • Fitbit Android app

    Les téléphones Android doivent être dotés à la fois d’un émetteur-récepteur radio BLE et d’une prise en charge logicielle. Étant donné que la technologie BLE est une composante optionnelle de la technologie Bluetooth 4.0, tous les appareils équipés d’une connectivité Bluetooth 4.0 n’en sont pas équipés. Certains appareils sont équipés de l’émetteur-récepteur mais pas nécessairement du logiciel, ou des dysfonctionnements logiciels empêchent BLE de fonctionner. Si vous achetez un appareil Android que vous utiliserez avec l’appli Fitbit, vérifiez qu’il figure dans la liste des appareils compatibles sur et consultez la liste des problèmes connus dans l’article Que faut-il savoir à propos de l’utilisation de l’application Fitbit sur mon appareil mobile Android ?

    To learn more about using your device with your Android phone, watch the following video. (English only)

  • Fitbit app for Windows 10

    The Fitbit app for Windows 10 is available for phones, tablets and computers running Windows 10. To check the compatibility of your device, visit .

    To learn more about using your device with Windows 10, watch the following video. (English only)

How often should I synchronize my e-coach or my watch?

We recommend that you sync your device or visit every day. Most Fitbit devices record detailed data minute by minute for seven days. (Fitbit Alta records detailed data every minute for five days.) The Fitbit devices can keep daily totals for 30 days.

If you have a Fitbit Surge, your device can keep 35 hours of GPS data before deleting certain data and replace them with new.

Can I sync my e-coach or my watch with more than one device?

You can synchronize your device with any phone, tablet or compatible computer that meets the prerequisites for synchronization. If you receive notifications from your phone on your Fitbit device, you need to disable the Bluetooth connection between your phone and your Fitbit device before using another phone. For instructions, see Why is my e-coach does not he syncs with another device or computer?

Can I sync over a Fitbit device on the same account?

If you have multiple devices, they can all be synchronized to the same account so that your dashboard presents a comprehensive view of your business. For more information, see Can I use more than one Fitbit device with the same account?




IOS, Windows and Android


32 x 9 x 7mm






Durable Elastomer




Rechergeable by USB port


Texto warning, sleep and


Until 5 days


Until 30 days






Comments (2)

Noah R


I loved this Fitbit watch up until recently. I originally would have given this Fitbit 5 stars, but due to compatibility issues, it's 3 stars for me.

Monica P


LOVE my Ionic! I love that I can leave my phone at home and connect with my own Bluetooth headphones!

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Comments (2)

Noah R


I loved this Fitbit watch up until recently. I originally would have given this Fitbit 5 stars, but due to compatibility issues, it's 3 stars for me.

Monica P


LOVE my Ionic! I love that I can leave my phone at home and connect with my own Bluetooth headphones!

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