ZeRound, the watch with a touchscreen

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ZeRound, the connected watch that will amaze you. 

Origin: Switzerland

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ZeRound is there to accompany you in all your physical activities, this connected watch will be your personal coach. It is composed of a metal dial very robust and its touch screen is customizable according to the wallpaper that you download.

ZeRound offers many features, it acts as a pedometer, calculates your calories burned, the distance traveled, it analyzes your sleep, serves as alarm clock ..; She can also play the music you have recorded.

ZeRound is compatible with Bluetooth, so you can connect it to your smartphone and you will receive all your notifications and alerts on your wrist. You can answer your calls directly via your ZeRound watch.

ZeRound also has the Find my phone feature, which allows you to find your smartphone in case of loss of it.

You can also connect it to a speaker or headset with Bluetooth.

  • Answer your calls directly from your wrist
  • Built-in microphone and speaker
  • Receive your notifications to your wrist
  • Notifications of calls, SMS, e-mails, events and social networks

ZeRound is an elegant connected watch with a built-in microphone and loudspeaker that allows users to manage their calls directly from their wrists.

With its color touch screen, ZeRound notifies you of incoming calls, SMS, emails, social networking activities and calendar events, without even having to consult your phone. ZeRound is compatible with Siri voice commands and Google Now to allow you to interact easily with your phone.

Equipped with a triaxial accelerometer, ZeRound counts your daily steps, and helps you to monitor your level of activity. ZeRound can also be used as a remote control to trigger your phone's camera or listen to your music.

ZeRound is equipped with an anti-loss alarm that alerts you when the paired phone moves away and a "Locate my phone" feature that allows you to find it.

Compatible with iOS 8+ and some Android 4.3+ devices with Bluetooth BLE, ZeRound can be used with a free mobile application that allows you to choose the information you want to receive on your smartwatch.

Technical specifications

Display Type LCD TFT (round but truncated at the base))
Display resolution 240 x 204 pixels
Screen Size 1.5 inch
touchscreen Yes
Proprietary Operating System
Bluetooth wireless communication
Microphone and speaker
Vibrating Alert Yes
Sensors Sensor of activity
Waterproof IP 56 (dust and splash water)
Dimensions 45 x 13.2 mm
Weight 63 g
Up to 3 days
Charging via microUSB port
Compatible with Android 4.3 (and +) smartphones and iPhone (iOS 8+)




We like :

Good to know:

Choice of color Waterproof 
A fancy design Operational -10 ° to + 60 ° temperature
Touch Screen IOS, Android and Windows Compatibility


How to pair my ZeRound?

Step 1: Pair via bluetooth

  • Enable Bluetooth on your mobile device
  • Select ZeRound in the Bluetooth Devices List

Step 2: Pair via mobile App

  • Make sure the Bluetooth is enabled on your mobile device
  • Download ZeRound App from the App store or Google Play Store
  • Open ZeRound settings tab and click on «Connect ZeRound»
  • Select ZeRound in the accessory list and tap Pair to con rm the pairing

How to receive and reply SMS on my ZeRound?

After a successful Bluetooth connection and installation of ZeRound App, you

can read SMS messages on your ZeRound Quick reply

Android users

Go to SMS menu. Click on the SMS you want to reply to, scroll down and select the answer mode.

You can reply using the SMS template (Android only) or directly via the voice control feature (Google now)

IOS users

Go to SMS menu. Click on the SMS you want to reply to, scroll down and press the voice command icon to launch Siri and dictate your SMS reply.

Will my data be deleted if I remove the app from my phone?

No, your data is stored on the cloud, so if you delete the application from your smartphone, your data will still be securely stored and available for you to access and check.




Comments (3)

Jolie V


I've been wanting to get a Smartwatch for a long time, but I'll be honest I was a little hesitant to try anything outside of the Apple brand. Apple gets all the love and Glory, but wow! That price tag! It was just not a purchase that I could justify. This watch offers amazing features and looks very nice, for a fraction of the cost. I would highly recommend getting this watch!

Martin R


This smartwatch is decent. Looks great when it is off, comes with a charger that attaches with a magnet. Displays your steps as well as your progress to your exercise goals. Turns on consistently when you move your wrist upward. Has a lot of features

Vanessa S


It works exactly like it said it will. I love he fact that I can answer my phone with my watch

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