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ZeCircle Premium: the activity tracker with smart notifications. 

Origin: Switzerland .

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ZeCircle Premium is a stylish and ultra-thin connected watch with aluminum finishing, stainless steel case and genuine leather band. On its touchscreen, tracks your steps, distance, calories burned, or simply watch the time. ZeCircle Premium also analyses your sleep quality. Users can check their activity results in real-time with a single tap. When synced to a smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0, ZeCircle Premium shows notifications of calls, SMS, emails, calendar events and social media activity. With ZeCircle free mobile app and/ or software, set daily goals and reminders, monitor your performance level and analyze your progress ! 

ZeCircle Premium has the same features as its ZeCircle model with more class! It has a stainless steel case and genuine leather band.


With a weight of only 30g, thickness of 1 cm and rather refined design, ZeCircle Premium of MyKronoz is a watch connected rather discreet. Its small OLED screen a bit lost in the middle of the round case offers a very modest resolution of 64 x 32 pixels. Side features, ZeCircle Premium has two facets. It is first a physical activity sensor and a sleep monitor. It is also an SMS notification device, email or social networks, and telephone calls (with display of the number or name of the caller). As a bonus, showed it vibrates when the connection to the smartphone is lost, which avoids to forget it when we leave a place.

An application declined in versions Android, iOS and Windows Phone

All these features can be configured and operated via an application on Apple declined systems, Google and Microsoft. Yet for Windows Phone, the application seems not yet available.

A range of a few days and tightness 1m

The autonomy of the ZeCircle would be 5 days standby according to the manufacturer, so probably 2 or 3 days of intensive use. Moreover, its case is made of steel and is waterproof to 1 m depth (specification IP 67). Finally, it comes in different colors.


Configuration via the app

Download the free application ZeCircle on Google Play, App Store and Windows Phone Store to set your watch

Activity Report

Follow your performance and analyze your progress

Sleep Monitor

Analyze the length and quality of your sleep


Select the notifications you want to receive

Daily goals

Set your goals to stay active all day


Set vibrating alarms to manage your day


Bluetooth: 4.0BLE

Dimensions: 254 x 34 x 10 mm

Weight: 20 gr

Battery Type: 55 mAh

Standby time: up to 5 days

Movement: Touch screen OLED 64 * 32 pixels

Sensors: Accelerometer triaxial

Operating temperature: -20 ° C to + 40 ° C

Water resistance: IP67

International Warranty: 1 year

Free app Android and iOS / Windows Phone App

Android 4.3+ iOS 8+ WINDOWS PHONE 8.1




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Good to know :

Watch made out of ultra flat steel

Standby time: up to 5 days

Get your notifications on your wrist

Water resistance

Analyze the length and quality of your sleep

Anti-lost alarm


How to Start ZeCircle Premium?

Before first use of your watch you must charge it for 2 hours.

To do this, follow these steps:

Place your ZeCircle on the charging base and make sure that the terminals of the base are aligned on the contact points on the back of your watch.

Locate the USB cable and plug the small end into the USB port of the base of your watch and the large end into the USB port of your computer.

A battery indicator will be displayed on the screen of your ZeCircle confirming that charging is in progress. Once the battery indicator filled, it means that your watch is loaded you can proceed with its configuration via the ZeCircle application on your mobile or via ZeCircle software on your computer.

How to set the ZeCircle Premium?

The display of the message "Set up" especially on the display of your watch after the first charge prompts you to set your watch.

For this you can use the mobile application to ZeCircle available on Google Play Store, App Store and Windows Phone Store

Open mobile application for ZeCircle after downloading.

Please login or register and enter your personal data if you do not have an account.

Select ZeCircle and press "Configure"

Activate the Bluetooth connection from your mobile by going to "Settings", then "Bluetooth".

Turn on the app and click "Next" and then double-click your ZeCircle to turn on the screen

On mobile, click "Configure" and select your ZeCircle in the device list (ZeCircle # ....) that will appear on your screen to perform pairing between your watch and your smartphone. To ensure the success of this operation, be sure to keep your screen lit shows.

A pairing request appears on the screen of your watch (Bluetooth icon and the message "Pair?" Will be displayed). To accept it, tap the screen of your ZeCircle.

The success of the operation will be confirmed by the words "Pairing successful" on your mobile. You will have access to the application.

How can I RESET my ZeCircle Premium ?

- Place ZeCircle its charging station

- Connect the charging station to a power source

- Insert a thin object into the hole lying at the side of the charging station

- Keep pressed about 5 seconds and then release

- The words "MYKRONOZ" appear on the screen to confirm the success of the operation.


You also have to do a reset via the PC / MAC application by going into the menu "My Device" and clicking on "reset".




Avis (2)

James B


Good connectivity. The issue of impermeability is a great success.

Anne C


It is very light and the battery lasts a lot (almost 5 days) if it is not connected to the cell phone

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