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Kevo grants you a smart access to you home. You can forget about the stress of not having your keys on you as well as monitor who gets inside your home.

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Know who gets in your home

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Kevo keeps you alerted of who is in your home so you don’t have to worry when you are away. You can send someone a key through your smartphone when you have an emergency and want someone to check on your home for you. The app helps you to easily track the people who have access to your home and you can give or remove this access any time you want. The time fencing feature allow you to grant a short access to someone, with  a scheduled key for someone who often comes to your house at a specific time to walk the dog for example.

History activity

Kevo allows you to track who is in your home, which can be helpful if you want to check if your children are at home to make sure they are safe. The app will send you a notification and you don’t have to worry about it. The app also gives you a history activity very easy to follow to monitor the keys you give and when they are used.

Kevo smart lock app showing eKeys

A smarter way to get into your home

Kevo is compatible with most smart products, you can easily disable any access by entering your account if you lose your phone. The lock doesn’t even require you to pick your phone off your pocket, touching the lock with your finger is enough to get inside your home.

Entering with Kevo Smart Lock





26,2 x 14,9 x 9,5 cm


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4 AA





We love :

To know :

Multiple levels of encryption for more security 

You can use a traditional key

Auto-locking feature

Batteries last a year

Connection through another device if you lose your phone

Dual factor authentication for more security


What happens if my phone battery is low?

You can be connected to another device or use a standard key.

What does the package include?

The Kevo package includes one deadbolt assembly, one Kevo fob, two standard keys, and 4 AA batteries. Once you download the Kevo mobile app and set up your phone to work with the lock, additional eKeys will automatically be added to your Kevo account. An eKey is an electronic key that can be sent to friends and family with Kevo-compatible smartphones.

Does the app need to be on for it to work?

After you launch and sign in to the Kevo mobile app for the first time, it will continue to run in the background of your phone. You don't have to open the app every time you wish to unlock your door. When you touch the lock, it will be able to communicate with your phone even when it is locked and stored in your pocket or purse.


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