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Lunii, my fabulous storytelling

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Lunii is an interactive game where you can create your own story by choosing the characters and the universe. The child can have access to a great set of different stories.

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Rated 5.00 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 3 customer reviews

I ordered this for my daughter's 3rd birthday and gave it to her a month early because we were so excited to try it out. This little thing is awesome. It's very user-friendly and intuitive to operate. It took my daughter no time at all to figure out how to turn it on and off, make choices, and even pause it. I LOVE that it can be used with headphones- perfect for traveling.

We gave this to our daughters (4&6) for Christmas and they LOVE IT. In essence, it’s a choose your own adventure storyteller. It comes preloaded with hours of story options and you can download additional stories. I highly recommend this for a screen-free techy toy. It’ll be gold for car and airplane trips. It’s light weight, durable, and the kids play with it for long stretches.

Fast shipping. Easy to use, and fun!! Great for travel, there is a headphone jack and it charges like a phone. It arrives with a set of pre-loaded choose your own adventure stories, then you can purchase other stories even in other languages, especially French. It’s well made. It’s an amazing screen free toy.

Lunii, my fabulous storytelling
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Choose your own story


Lunii allows your child to choose their own story. This interactive device can tell up to 48 stories so that your child is never bored. You can also download new stories thanks to this connected device. Your child can feel like the hero of their own story.

Always feel connected

The device works with batteries you can charge thanks to the micro-usb cable. It has no screen so that your children can enjoy a relaxing time without tiring their eyes. It’s a nice way to help them spend less time in front of a screen. It also works without waves so your child is safe at all times. No wifi or bluetooth is needed to make the device work.


The great companion of your child

You can put between 7 and 10 stories inside the device. Each story lasts between 3 to 10 minutes which gives your child around 14 hours of stories. Thanks to its 10 hours of battery autonomy, your child can enjoy long hours of listening to the stories he created without having to worry about the battery running out. The stories help them to develop their love for stories thanks to the ones they create themselves.