Nokia Body Cardio, a well informed balance

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Body Cardio, get a complete picture of your body composition in one step.

Origin: France .

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More than just weight

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Get a complete picture of your body composition in one step: Body Cardio provides precise weight, BMI, body fat, water, bone and muscle. On top of that, Body Cardio allows you for the first time to follow your cardiovascular home health and make the right choices to improve it. Body Cardio marks a turning point in the way we take care of our body, and now our heart.

Follow your cardiovascular health at home

Body Cardio measures the pulse wave velocity, an indicator allowing you to make the right decisions to improve your cardiovascular health. The measurement is displayed directly on the scale screen, and is found in Health Mate which gives an indication of its value, and tips for improving it. Whatever your level of fitness, small changes in your lifestyle - such as better diet and more activity - can have a really positive effect on your blood pressure.

A realistic and complete vision of your body

Losing weight to feel better? Not only. By analyzing your body composition, Body Cardio allows you to refine your goals

Oily mass
The percentage of body fat is a better indicator of your body weight

Muscular mass
To become more powerful or more muscular, Body tells you the total weight of your muscles

The percentage of water informs you about your hydration and your water retention.

Bone mass
Bone mass complements the overall image of your body.

Thanks to its sensors equipped with Position Control ™ technology, Body Cardio measures a precise weight to 100g

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Follow, Watch, Progress

Users who set a weight goal in Health Mate lose twice as much weight. Give yourself a goal and Health Mate accompanies you and encourages you to reach it.
All your weighings are automatically saved in the Health Mate application using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. At any time you can view your weight curve and spot events that make it vary.

Clean design for precision

With only 1.8 cm thick, Body Cardio is the finest scale ever designed by Nokia. Its flat base in aluminum gives it a stability to any test. Coupled with the patented Position Control technology, the 4 sensors nestled under its tempered glass top ensure precise measurements of body composition and cardiovascular health.

The best things are shared

Designed for the whole family, Body Cardio recognizes up to 8 different users. At each weighing, it combines the data with the right profile in the Health Mate application.
Goes the distance

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Even more reasons to weigh

Your balance provides a localized weather report and shows your total of steps taken the day before if you use activity tracking for a Nokia tracker or Health Mate.

Whether you want to follow your diet or prepare for a marathon, Health Mate connects to more than 100 health and fitness applications to create a program tailored to your needs.

Your scale provides a localized weather report and displays your total of steps made the day before if you use activity tracking for a Nokia tracker or Health mate.

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Good to know:

Cardiovascular health monitoring via heart rate measurements and pulse wave velocity.

Wireless Sync

Automatic synchronization with the smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on the Health Mate application.

More stable design for more precision: aluminum base and tempered glass top

Measures weight and body composition: fat mass, muscle mass, fluid and bone mass.

Compatible iOS (from iOS 8)

Android Compatibility (5.0 and higher)


How does the Nokia Body Cardio measure my heart rate?

The Nokia Body Cardio uses a Nokia proprietary technology to measure your heart rate through your feet while you are standing on the scale to weigh in.

What do I need to do to measure my heart rate?

Just stand on the scale barefoot as you normally would to weigh in. There is nothing more you need to do! You may just spend a few extra seconds on the scale while your heart rate is determined. Keep in mind that you must stand still and not speak while you are weighing in so that your heart rate can be more accurately measured. If you are in a hurry and prefer not to have your heart rate measured simply step off of the scale once the weight measurement has been completed. Your weight data will still be recorded.

Why is tracking my heart rate useful?

Measuring your heart rate at rest is an indication of your overall fitness level. A lower heart rate at rest implies more efficient heart function and better cardiovascular fitness. You will see your resting heart rate decrease as you are moving towards a more active lifestyle.



Required configuration

Compatible iOS (from iOS 8)
IPhone 4S and newer
IPod touch 5th generation and newer
IPad 3rd generation and newer
Android Compatibility (5.0 and higher)
Requires internet access (mobile or Wi-Fi)
Wireless Sync
Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n 2.4 Ghz, compatible with WEP / WPA / WPA2-personal security protocols
Bluetooth connectivity (Bluetooth Smart Ready)

Follow-up data

4 weight sensors Body position sensor for high precision measurement
Body composition
Bioelectric Impedance Measurement Available Athlete Mode Units:% fat mass,% total water, muscle mass in kg, bone mass in kg
Heart rate
Patented heart rate measurement technology Unit: bpm (beats per minute)
Pulse Wave Velocity
Patent pending allocation Unit: m / s Comparison to normal values
Automatic User Recognition
Up to 8 users


Four weight sensors
Weighing range: 5 -> 180kg
Units: kg, lb, st lb
Patented body position detection technology
Extreme Accuracy with Position Control ™ Technology


Heavy-duty toughened glass surface Aluminum flat base Ultra-slim design: 1.8 cm Dimensions
Large screen for easy legibility (128x64 pixels) Backlight Available weight units: kg, lb, stlb
Storage and memory
Free, unlimited and secure storage of measurements on Nokia Health account
Maximum local storage of 16 measurements if the balance fails to synchronize with the application
Power supply
Lithium-ion battery (micro-USB charger included) Battery life: up to 1 year

What's in the Box

Body Cardio USB cable for charging
Installation guide
FR / EN / DE / ES / IT
Free Health Mate ™ Application
Monitoring the 5 dimensions of your health: Activity, Sleep, Weight, Heart and Environment
Free Nokia Account
To store your data securely and access it easily
Download your data for free at any time


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Ken B


Good product corresponding to my expectations.

Calvin R


Getting started very simple with very fast connectivity! All accompanied by a very simple and fun application! I recommend it!

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