Steel, follow your heart. With style.

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Steel from Withings, accompanies you during and after the sport.

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A character of steel. A stainless style.

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Always at your side

Measuring your activity helps to be more active, to sleep better, to regain a new balance. This designer watch will tell you the time with a unique precision but will also give you the measurement of your activities 24/24 thanks to the Movement Connected ™, and always in perfect synchronization with your smartphone. This is our interpretation of the intelligent watch.

Simple and efficient

No button. No light to decipher. Two needles mark time and a third allows you to track your daily progress against your personalized goal.

Getting informed

Steel synchronizes automatically with the Health Mate application. Your movements are translated into graphics and relevant information such as your sleep cycles, the distance of your shopping, or the calories expended.

Nokia Steel

Enjoy it every moment.

To run or swim, Activity Steel accompanies you in your sports activities. It automatically recognizes and analyzes the course - duration, distance, calories - and swimming sessions - duration and calories.

Earn rewards and challenge your friends

As a true coach, the application offers personalized rewards and advices to better progress and remain motivated. And as it is easier to be active at several, you will be able to connect to your friends and encourage each other.

Nokia Steel lifestyle

Elegance in your image.

With its stainless steel dial, chrome needles, double curved domed glass and color silicone bracelets, Steel features a timeless, iconic look that pays tribute to the natural beauty of the materials.

Sleep well. Live better

Steel automatically detects when you are asleep and returns you through Health Mate a complete assessment of your night: deep and light sleep, micro-alarm clocks, sleep time. A silent alarm can gently wake you up with a slight vibration.

Health Mate 3 activityHealth Mate 3 timeline




We like:

Good to know:

Automatic activity measurement - Pitch, stroke, swim (water resistant 50m), distance and calories.

Stainless steel case with silicone strap.

Analysis of sleep cycles and silent awakening by vibrations.

Up to 8 months of operation, works with a battery.

Automatic synchronization in Bluetooth with your iOS or Android smartphone

Compatible iOS (from iOS 8)
Android Compatibility (5.0 and higher)


How can I track my swimming sessions?

All you have to do is wear your Withings Activité™ while swimming. It will automatically detect that you’re swimming and track your swim without any action required on your part.

A few requisites:

You have to swim continuously for longer than 10 minutes. Only swimming activity is tracked. Other exercises performed in the pool, such as water aerobics, are not tracked. You have to be regular in your movements. For example, your swimming can be impacted if the pool is too crowded, which could, in turn, impact your results.

To accommodate most users, our algorithm works best with breaststroke and crawl. Also, swim detection has been calibrated in 25 meter and 50 meter-wide pools. As such, your swim data may not be accurate if you swim in a smaller pool.

My distance doesn't seem accurate. What should I do?

The distance is calculated using the height, weight, age and gender information that you provided to us when you set up your Withings account, as well as the number of steps that you have taken.

If the distance displayed in the app doesn't seem accurate, please check that the height you've entered in your Profile is correct.



Required configuration:

Compatible iOS (from iOS 8)
IPhone 4S and newer
IPod touch 5th generation and newer
IPad 3rd generation and newer

Android Compatibility (5.0 and higher)
Requires a Bluetooth Low Energy device

Bluetooth compatibility
Bluetooth Low Energy required.

Data tracking:

Depending on the movements of the user

Calculated from the profile of the user for a
high accuracy

A Health Mate App widget displays active and metabolic calories, as well as total calorie expenditure

Automatically detected Daily summary of duration and distance accessible in the app

Automatically detected
Duration and calories

Duration of sleep
Duration of sleep
Sleep cycles (light and deep)
Micro Clock


Dimensions and Weight

Bracelet: for wrists up to 195 mm in diameter (7.7 ") Weight: 37 g (1.30 oz., 0.082 lb.) Watch: 36.3 mm diameter (1.3"), 11.5 mm thick (0.45 " )

Terms of use

Waterproof up to 50m (5 ATM)
Operating Temperature Range: -10 ° C to 45 ° C
Storage temperature: -20 ° C to 85 ° C

Silent alarm

Gives a slight vibration to wake you up at some point.


Motion detector day and night
High precision 3-axis MEMS accelerometer
Low power consumption

Power supply

One CR2025 coin cell battery (up to 8 months battery life)

What's in the Box:

Nokia Steel and Silicone Bracelet

CR2025 button cell battery (included)

Installation guide
FR / EN / DE / ES / IT

Free Health Mate ™ Application
To set the wake-up time and the daily activity goal
To keep up to 5 dimensions of your health - Activity, Sleep, Weight, Heart, Environment

Free Nokia Account
To store your data securely and access it easily
Download your data for free at any time

Comments (2)

Martin R


I absolutely LOVED this tracker!

Ken B


Nice design. Steps count even during driving and cannot set more than one vibrating alarm. Vibration level's quite light compared with fitbit alta and other trackers
Good tracker anyway

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