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Rylo, a new kind of camera

  • Rylo, a new kind of camera
  • Rylo, a new kind of camera
  • Rylo, a new kind of camera
  • Rylo, a new kind of camera
  • Rylo, a new kind of camera
Rylo, a new kind of camera
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Rylo is a 4K action camera capable of 360 ° filming with stabilization. Its advantages ? It is tiny, films in 4K, and its videos are perfectly fluid.

Origin: United States 

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Rated 5.00 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 3 customer reviews

Testing out this camera has been great so far! The stabilization is insane, it's like the camera's mounted on a professional rig. The video quality is top notch as well.

Have heard great things about this product and can't wait to get my hands on it!

Rylo is easy to use and the editing tools in the app are simple to learn. I love how moth the video is. The camera struggles in low light but otherwise the video quality and color saturation is great.<br />

Rylo, a new kind of camera
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360 ° video in 4K with reduced fisheye effect

Rylo does not offer anything new by integrating the 360 ​​° video into his action camera. But when you can record in 360 ° in 4K with stabilization, and with a limited "fisheye" effect, it is already more impressive.

Two 208 ° wide-angle optics opening at f / 2.8 are combined and software corrected to greatly reduce this very common "fisheye" effect on action cameras. While some appreciate the immersive side of "fisheye", we must recognize that the corrected videos of Rylo have a rendering more "pro" because more cinematic.


Stabilization: Rylo's secret weapon

Chris Cunningham, co-founder of Rylo explains that their camera was built around the software part, not the other way around.

Stabilization was a major issue in this project, and Rylo benefited from the engineering know-how that co-founded Instagram's Hyperlapse application.

Recall that Hyperlapse is an application for smartphones and tablets. Just move by taking pictures at regular intervals, and Hyperlapse assembles them in a timelapse that seems stabilized with professional material.


Post-production and sharing

For the founders of Rylo, if the videos are stored on your hard drive, they are useless. The goal is to facilitate their editing and sharing.

For this, videos can be transformed into HD video with a traditional frame, by choosing the part you want to show in the 360 ​​° recording. It is also possible to directly share the immersive video in 4K 360 ° on Instagram, Facebook or by email.

The application Rylo, the heart of the system, reduces the post-production time of videos. In a few minutes since his smartphone connected to the camera, it is possible to edit his videos in a few clicks.