Netvue Belle, a smart A.I. Doorbell that talks to visitors

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Belle is your personal home doorman. It guards your home day and night, rain and shine with night vision and basic waterproof.

Origin: Chine 

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It remembers familiar faces, greets your guests by their names, allows them to leave messages, handles the package delivery for you and even automatically opens your door for the scheduled appointments with preset passcodes! It also detects unusual activities in your desired custom zones and sends you notifications when needed.


With Netvue App, you can check your front door with HD view, talk to your guests, manually unlock the door for them and playback the activity clips automatically saved on the cloud from anywhere at any time.


Wi-Fi Doorbell

Netvue Belle is bundled with richful features to make sure you have full control of your home security.


See Live Views

See real-time monitoring videos of your home in high-definition day and night with night vision.


Answer To Rings Remotely

Receive doorbell notifications, listen and talk to visitors like having a phone call wherever you are.


Motion Detection

Automatically detect motions, send alerts to your phone and save on cloud as history events for playback.


24/7 Cloud Recording

Have everything recorded continuously on the cloud for up to 7 days. Belle is always on-shift to guard your home.


Save Ring Conversations

Automatically saves your conversations with the guest on the cloud for your access.


Save Alert Clips

Recap the suspecious events in a specific date anytime with Netvue Cloud.


Home Security. Right In Your Hand

Our intuitive application allows you to control all aspects of Belle.

Feel safe knowing that your home is protected, and help is just a screen-tap away.


– Connect to all your Netvue security products

– See live views

– Have real-time two-way conversations

– Create and save clips

– Playback history events


Works with Amazon Alexa

Belle works with Amazon Alexa, allowing you to have access to its tens of thousands of abilities and services.

Simply call to Alexa and speak to your Amazon devices to view your front door camera when your hands are full.


In The Box

Netvue Belle Smart AI Doorbell x1

Bypass Kit (Power Kit) x1

Quick Guide x1

Screw Driver x1





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Good to know :

Interact with the guest

Belle comes with multiple personalities for you to choose from

See real-time monitoring videos of your home in high-definition day and night with night vision

Motion Detection

Receive doorbell notifications, listen and talk to visitors

24/7 Cloud recording 




90 x 90 x 118 mm



Resolution – 1920X1080P – live, video recording, screenshot

Maximum frame rate – 30fps



Speakers – 52dB Microphone

Audio Direction – Stereo



WIFI 802.11 b/g/n



Android 4.4 and above

iOS 7 and above



Local storage with SD-card compatibility up-to 64 Gb



Motion detection


Working environment temperature

-20℃ ~ +50℃


Working environment humidity



Waterproof IP40



Why can’t hear voice from the Netvue Belle?

Here are three scenarios:

1. Netvue Belle can’t speak to you

You probably haven’t turned on the Netvue X in the settings or having network issues.

2. Not hearing voice from your phone’s speaker

You probably turn off Netvue Belle’s mic on App or your phone’s speaker is off.

3. Not hearing voice from Netvue Belle’s speaker

You probably turn off Netvue Belle’s speaker on App or having issue with your phone’s mic.


Why cannot receive motion detection or how to set motion detection?

Open the App — Choose the corresponding device — Tap settings icon

at the top right corner — Motion detection — Turn on the MOTION

You can change the default motion detection time range to you preferred one. Motion sensitive and motion zones also can be customized.


How to share device with other users?

Open the App — Choose the corresponding device — Tap settings Icon at the top right corner – SHARED USERS — Enter shared user’s account name. If you share device with user who log in with Wechat or Facebook account, check their username in App account info. Please note that username of Wechat or Facebook is not the account name. Same account can be login on different phones at the same time.


How to delete the history?

Open the App — Choose the corresponding device — Tap “HISTORY” at the bottom left corner — Press and hold the event you want to delete for 2-3 seconds—A confirmation window pops up—Tap “CONFIRM”.


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