Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera

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Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera,A smart pet camera brings you close to your pet!

Origine: France 

Livraison gratuite !

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Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera

Stay Together! Play Together!

  • Fun & Interactive product for better audio & video communication.
  • High quality approach to providing you a better connected visual experience.
  • Improving the sense of happiness through wireless connectivity with your pets.

These days staying connected through gadgets is the obvious. Now is the time we stayed connected to our pets. The only true love these days. Listen and respond appropriately. Be on the go, most! Be right here, almost! Pawbo Life brings you close. A true multiple entertaining app, bonding you and your pets to a whole another level.

With Pawbo Life, you can do:

  • HD live streaming: 130° wide-angle lens with 720p HD and 4x digital zoom.
  • Two way-talk: video chat with your pets at the touch of your Pawbo Life app.
  • Laser game: play & interact with your pet manually or automatically.
  • Treat dispenser: let owners reward their pets for good behavior.
  • Ringtone notifications: get your pets' attentions and train your pets to respond.
  • Snap & sharing: snap shot and share them instantly on social media.
  • Video recording: record videos and store them on your mobile device.

Easy set up Pawbo Life:

Three steps:

  • Step 1: Download Pawbo Life app (orange icon) from iOS or Android platform.
  • Step 2: Connect Pawbo Life through Pawbo Life app.
  • Step 3: Find your home WiFi.
Inside the box?
  • Pawbo Life pet camera (PPC-21CL).
  • 100~240v AC power adapter.
  • Quick guide.

Beyond your imagination for your pet camera!

Play & interact with your pets anytime, anywhere!

Pets left alone can become lonely. With Pawbo life, you can See/Talk/Treat/Play with your furry friends while you are away from home. Pawbo Life brings more fun and quality time to you and your pets.

Three extraordinary features:

Pawbo Life app: control multiple Pawbo Life cameras with one application.

Concurrent users: support up to 8 users online simultaneously.

Accessories connection: remotely operate Pawbo Theme Park accessories.



We like :

To know :

Ide-angle lens, and 4x digital room, capture and record every precious moments from your mobile device.

Instant social sharing: snap photos and share your pet and family's adorable images

Ready to use

Plusieurs caméras Pawbo

Talk and reward your pet's favorite snack or play & interact with your pet anytime, anywhere.

Built-in microphone/speaker/laser/treat dispenser let you listen,


Product Specification


Size:L112 x W112 x H200 mm

Weight:455 g

Operating Temperature:-10 ℃~ 40℃(Suitable for Indoors)

Video:720P HD

Video Encoder:H.264

Lens: 130° Wide-Angle

Audio :Built-in Microphone and Speaker

Power Input:5V2A

Power Adapter:100~240V

Made in Taiwan


Demand Operating Environment


Wi-Fi Environment:Required 802.11b/g/n(2.4GHz) connectivity and router with WPA2-AES encryption 

Mobile Device:Pawbo Life App supports iOS (8.0 and later) & Android (4.0 and later)

Upload Speed:at least 768Kbps(Best video quality at 1.2Mbps or above)



Q: I have a relatively large home. Would it be possible to install more than one Pawbo⁺ device?

A: Yes, we support one Pawbo Life App to control two or above Pawbo⁺ devices.

Q: Would I be able to access my friend’s and my own Pawbo⁺ simultaneously?

A: Pawbo⁺ is designed to be simple and easy to use. You can share or receive other Pawbo⁺ via QRcode and switch between different Pawbo⁺ devices in the Pawbo Life App. Pawbo⁺ also supports 8 concurrent users to provide you more fun and connection.

Q: My pet loves scratching, damaging items, and has the tendency to knock over everything.

A: Our design concept is to fulfill user-friendliness, safety, and sturdiness. Additionally, Pawbo⁺ is also designed with two mounting holes to give you an option to leave it hanging and free from worrying about the Pawbo⁺ machine being knocked over by pets.

Q: Is the laser harmful to human or pet’s eyes?

A: Pawbo⁺’s laser source follows strict safety standards. Our laser pointer will not remain on the same spot for more than 3 seconds. It will be deactivated automatically if the laser pointer doesn’t receive any commands over 3 seconds.

Q: I am concerned that my Pawbo⁺ may easily be hacked, thus jeopardizing my own privacy.

A: Communication between Pawbo⁺ and your mobile device utilize the highest security encryption. Also, the App password set up at installation will only be managed by you (the password is only stored in your Pawbo⁺). Furthermore, our product is designed with an incoming warning ringtone option, which will alert you every time someone logs into your Pawbo⁺. We have also taken into account camera height, setting it at the optimal downward angle to fully capture your lovely pets, while avoiding capturing too much to put your privacy at risk.

Q: My pet does not seem to be interested into the laser game, is Pawbo⁺ still a good product for me?

A: Laser pointer is one of the many exciting features of Pawbo⁺. The best thing about Pawbo⁺ is that it allows you to connect and interact with your pets at anytime, anywhere. It also allows you to capture precious moments while treating them or interacting with them. In the future, we will introduce more accessories that bring more fun for you and your pets. Stay tuned for our new release.

Q : How do I storage my video?

A:The footage will be stored directly in your phone.

Q: Why does Pawbo⁺ not have infrared night vision?

A: We believe that night vision images and video clips do not accurately portray your pet. We are now developing accessories for additional purchase that can enhance nighttime picture and video usage. In the meantime, you can set up a small LED light that automatically turns on when lighting conditions are low.

Q: What is the power supply voltage of Pawbo⁺?

A: It is 110/240 V, making it convenient for use.

Q: Where can I download “Pawbo Life “App?

A: Pawbo Life App will be available in Oct. for both iOS Appstore and android Google Play store.

Q: What is the difference between Pawbo⁺ and other pet food dispensers? Does Pawbo⁺ provide enough storage?

A: Our concept is to provide “treats” not “meals”. Our specially designed treat dispenser allows you to watch and reward your pets at the right moment.



Q: When I plug in my new Pawbo⁺, I do not see the red LED indicator (the power indicator light).

A: Please verify that the power cord is properly plugged in on both ends, and that the power outlet is providing electricity. If the problem persists, please contact customer service.

Q: After Pawbo⁺ is plugged in, I see a red LED light and hear “ready for setup”, after which the red LED light starts to blink. Is this normal?

A: With a brand new Pawbo⁺ or after a reset, Pawbo⁺ is not connected to your home Wireless network. A blinking red light indicates that it is ready for Wireless network setup. Please follow the Pawbo Life App instructions to complete setup.

Q: I followed the SmartLink method for setting up Pawbo⁺ on my home Wireless network, but connection keeps failing.

A : Please troubleshoot by following thesteps listed below:

  • Make sure that your mobile device is connected to your home Wireless network.
  • Make sure that Pawbo⁺ and Wireless router are near one another (distance affects the strength of wireless network transmission).
  • Your wireless network name (SSID) can’t contain characters other than alphabets/numbers/ _(underscore)*
  • For better security, set your Wireless network router password encryption to WPA2(AES).
  • Please use WPA2(AES) or WPA-Mixed AES for password encryption. Many times, SmartLink fails due to incompatible encryption settings.
  • Pawbo⁺ supports 2.4G Wireless network, if your wireless network router support both 2.4GHz and 5GHz band, make sure your mobile device is connected to the 2.4GHz band before the Pawbo⁺ installation.
  • Please set your wireless network router mode to 802.11b/g/n(or Auto), and make sure that during the installation process, to ensure stable connection, you maintain no more than a one meter distance between your mobile device and router.

Q: During installation, I am receiving error messages for the new password I have chosen.

A: To ensure privacy, passwords must be6-16 characters, and include both alphabets and numbers(password is case sensitive).

Q: My Pawbo⁺ is installed at home, how can family members living overseas access it?

A: In your Pawbo Life App settings, select “Generate QR code”, then store the QR code to your mobile device. You can share the access of your Pawbo⁺ with your family member by sending him/her the QR code along with your Pawbo password. After receipt of the QR Code, ask him/her to open the Pawbo Life App. On the first page of setup, tap “No” -> “QR Code” -> “Load” to locate QR code. After inputting the correct Pawbo⁺ password, your family member will have access to your Pawbo⁺.

Video Streaming


Q: My phone and Pawbo⁺ are connected to the same wireless network, but the video stream does not run smoothly.

A: Please follow the steps below:

  • Is your Pawbo⁺ and wireless network router too far away from one other or located in different rooms or on different floors? If so, please move your Pawbo⁺ closer to your wireless network router to see if there is improvement. (wireless network transmission reduces in strength with distance).
  • If Pawbo⁺ is connected to a wireless network that is being used by many people simultaneously, this may affect the speed and quality of live video streaming. It is recommended to connect your Pawbo⁺ to its own wireless router/network.

Q: I attempted to connect to my Pawbo⁺ at home, but the video streaming is not running smoothly.

A: Live video streaming continuously transmits data from point to point. The following reasons may be the cause of the problem:

  • Your home wireless network might have encountered momentary interference or someone at home is transmitting large amounts of data, thus interrupting the live video streaming.
  • If your phone is connected to a public wireless network at a coffee shop or airport or other public locations, there may be too many people share the public wireless network bandwidth or perhaps the public wireless network router has a limit on traffic for each user, thus affecting the download speed of the live video streaming.
  • If your mobile phone is connecting to your Pawbo⁺ via 3G / 4G connection, you may have entered an area with poor signal, thus affecting the speed of the live video streaming.
  • Pawbo⁺ itself has no built-in night vision function, so when there is insufficient lighting, the video will not stream smoothly, or you may not even be able to connect to Pawbo⁺. This is a normal phenomenon. Therefore, we strongly recommend to make sure that your Pawbo⁺ is placed in a properly lit environment or install the Pawbo⁺ accessory light with sensor.

Q: I was able to view live video streaming on my Pawbo⁺ with no problems. However, my video streaming is intermittent or not streaming smoothly when other people access my Pawbo⁺ at the same time.

A: Pawbo⁺ supports eight connections simultaneously, but if one user’s connection quality is low, it may affect the connection speed for both users. We recommend to change video quality settings to “normal”.

Q: When I connect to Pawbo⁺, I feel that the video quality is not displaying at HD 720P.

A: The video quality of the Pawbo⁺ is HD 720P. If the image is not clear, please follow the steps below:

  • Make sure that the protective film in front of the camera has been removed.
  • Connect your mobile device to the same wireless network as your Pawbo⁺.
  • If you connect your mobile device to the same wireless network as your Pawbo⁺ and the signal is strong, this will ensure that video streaming is at high quality.
  • If you have followed the steps above and achieved high quality video streaming, then there is no problem with the video function on your Pawbo⁺. When you access Pawbo⁺ remotely, video quality depends on the quality of your internet connection. Too many people using the same wireless network, wireless network restriction settings, complex wireless networks or poor signal when using 3G/4G networks are all conditions that may cause poor quality in video streaming. Whenever Pawbo⁺ detects that you have poor internet connection, Pawbo⁺ will automatically lower its image compression quality to ensure that the image can be transmitted. When connection improves, Pawbo⁺ will automatically adjust to improve its image quality.

Q: Can I hide the function buttons on my screen?

A: Tap anywhere in the middle of the screen to hide function buttons on the screen, tap again and they will reappear.

Treat Dispensing


Q: When dispensing treats, why is it that I press the button consecutively two times, but do not receive a response for the second time?

A: When Pawbo⁺ receives a feeding command, the motors are activated. To protect the life span of the motor, there is a 3 second interval in between receiving each command.

Q : Pawbo⁺ is not responding to the feeding command.

A: Please follow the below steps:

  • Pull out the dispenser tray and reinsert to make sure the tray is properly installed.
  • Check to make sure there are still treats in the food dispenser. If not, please add some.
  • Please choose a treat of the appropriate size to avoid the treats from being stuck in the dispenser.
  • If the problem persists, please contact customer service.


Q: If I change the ringtone setting on my Pawbo Life App, will other people with access to my Pawbo⁺ be able to use the new ringtone?

A: The ringtone setting is stored in your Pawbo⁺, so any changes made to the ringtone setting will also change for the other people who have access to your Pawbo⁺.

Q: I am unable to receive audio when the “Push-to-Talk” function is in use.

A: This is normal. Pawbo⁺ pauses audio when the “Push-to-Talk” function is in use.

Q: When many people are connected to Pawbo⁺ simultaneously, one person is allowed to use the “push to talk” function, people can’t use this function simultaneously.

A : Pawbo⁺ allows only one person to use the “Push-to-Talk” function at a single time. This will work for the first person to activate the function.

Q: Why do I hear an echo when using the voice function at home?

A: This is because your mobile device is too close to your Pawbo⁺. When you use the “Push-to-Talk” function, the audio from your Pawbo⁺ speaker will be captured by your mobile device, thus forming the echo. Therefore, to avoid an echo, keep your mobile device at a distance from your Pawbo⁺ when using voice and audio.

Q: When using an iOS device (iPhone / iPad) with the volume set to high, there is a lot of background noise coming from Pawbo⁺.

A: Pawbo⁺ is equipped with a microphone enhancing function (AGC), and audio is processed differently on different mobile devices. The audio capability on an iOS device is higher than an Android device, so we recommend iOS users to reduce the volume on your devices slightly to decrease the amount of background noise being heard.



Q: I am trying to modify my password in settings, but keep receiving error messages for the new password I have chosen.

A: To ensure privacy, passwords must be 6-16 characters that include both alphabets and numbers (password is case sensitive).

Q: What should I do if I forget my Pawbo⁺ password?

A: To reduce security risks, your passwords are stored on your Pawbo⁺ and not in any server system. If you forget your Pawbo⁺ password, reset your Pawbo⁺ by pressing the reset button at the rear of Pawbo⁺ with a pin or needle (ie paper clip) while Pawbo⁺ is plugged in. Insert the pin and press down for 10 seconds until a blinking green light appears. Please note that after you reset, all of your Pawbo⁺ settings will be restored to default and you will need to complete setup again.

Recording Videos


Q: If I exit the App after pressing the video recording function, will the video continue to record?

A:Once you press the record button, the recording will stop if you close the app.

Q: What is the longest duration for a single recording?

A: No time limit for video recordings, the length is limited to available storage space. (Recording length will be shown on the screen.)

Q: When I preview the video file, some parts of the clip is unclear or pauses, is this normal?

A: Pawbo⁺ is a remote accessible camera, video function is the complete real-time recording of the video and quality while you are connected to Pawbo⁺, so if there is any instance with poor network connection, this will be recorded as well.

Q: Why is video quality good on a mobile phone, but blurry / unclear when it is played at full screen on a computer?

A: Pawbo⁺ images are saved at 1280 x 720. When viewed on the smaller screen of a mobile phone, the quality will look good, versus viewing on a computer or larger screen (especially in MAC Retina or high resolution screen). Therefore, this is a normal behavior..

Instant Sharing


Q: Are the photos taken store to my mobile phone?

A: Photos are stored directly to mobile phones. When many people access to Pawbo⁺ at same time, they can all take pictures and simultaneously share on social media.

Q: After I take photos, I tried to share them by tapping the social network icon, but received no response, why is that?

A: Your mobile device must have the social network App installed, and logged in with your account.

Q: I have an Android phone. After successfully sharing on my social network, the App will automatically reconnect when I return to the main screen.

A: On Android phones, when accessing another App, your phone will momentarily exit you from Pawbo Life App, which is why when you return to the Pawbo Life App, it will need to reconnect.

Light Chasing Game


Q: When the red dot is moving, I can not see it on my mobile phone screen.

A: For safety considerations, we have limited the output power of the laser source to safety standards, so when the environment is bright or if the floor is of similar color to the light, it will not show clearly on your mobile phone screen. To be able to see the light more clearly, try to slightly lower lighting conditions around your Pawbo⁺.

Q: I am connected and trying to control the laser light, but the red dot does not move smoothly.

A: If network connection is not ideal, image quality will be lowered, causing video streaming to be intermittent. At this time, when you play the light chasing game, there may be delays. (A turtle icon that appears at the top of the screen indicates slow internet connection). Please wait until network connection is back to normal to play the light chasing game.

Q: I did not press the auto mode when playing the light chasing game, but auto mode is suddenly activated.

A: Pawbo⁺ supports up to eight simultaneous connections. Please check if someone else is connected. When many people are connected to Pawbo⁺ simultaneously, if one person activates the auto mode, this may affect the other person.

Overseas Use


Q: I travel to China often, and experience difficulty connecting to my Pawbo⁺ at home. When I can connect, connection is slow. Why is that?

A: Due to restrictions placed on the internet in China (the “Great FireWall of China”), while in China, you may experience difficulty connecting to your Pawbo⁺ that is located outside of China. Sometimes, a VPN may solve your problem.

Q: Pawbo⁺ can link to Dropbox / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram, etc, but can we use these App functions in China?

A: Due to internet restrictions by China government, these Apps are not accessible in China. We are currently expanding Pawbo⁺’s functions to link to local network that are supported in China.

Q: My Pawbo⁺ and I are both in China. How come I am having difficulty connecting to my Pawbo⁺?

A : Pawbo⁺ is an interactive device with high video quality. In China, bandwidth between different internet carriers may be limited. We will continue to address this issue to provide more seamless user experiences in China.



Q: How to verify my Pawbo?

A: The verify way is shown on below.

Pawbo+ home gallery Image1



Q: I noticed that the timestamp of the video files synced to Dropbox are wrong.

A: Pawbo⁺ synchronizes with the time zone of your mobile device at setup. So if the time zone on your mobile device is incorrect during setup, Pawbo⁺ will have incorrect time zone. To correct this problem, reset your Pawbo⁺, make sure your mobile device has the correct time zone setting, then setup your Pawbo⁺ again.

Q: If I bring my Pawbo⁺ to use at another location, will I be required to reset Pawbo⁺?

A: If you move your Pawbo + to a new location, generally you will be required to reset Pawbo⁺. But if the wireless network router at your new location has a WPS button, you can plug in Pawbo⁺, press the WPS button at the rear of Pawbo⁺, release it when the green blinking light begins to flash quickly, then press and hold the WPS button on the wireless network router for 3 seconds. This is a quick method to configure your Pawbo⁺ to the new wireless network, without having to reset your Pawbo⁺.

Q: How can I getback to Start Menu for APP tutorial page?

A: On the Mobile device screen, it shows a "Got It" button then the APP screen will be changed. You can ONLY see this screen when " The Pawbo Life App" re-install. The operation screen is shown on below.


Comments (2)

Ana M P


Have you ever wondered what your dog does when you're away? This is the perfect camera to capture it all! With decent lighting, the picture is very clear. I really love that you can take pictures/record and save it right to your iphone. It' so fun sending the snapshots to my family.

Ethan D


The best thing about this camera is that it gives me comfort in knowing what my dog is doing while I'm away.

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Comments (2)

Ana M P


Have you ever wondered what your dog does when you're away? This is the perfect camera to capture it all! With decent lighting, the picture is very clear. I really love that you can take pictures/record and save it right to your iphone. It' so fun sending the snapshots to my family.

Ethan D


The best thing about this camera is that it gives me comfort in knowing what my dog is doing while I'm away.

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