Welcome, the new Netatmo security camera

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Welcome, the first camera that will make you feel safe while not at home by Netatmo

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Welcome, the Netatmo security face recognition camera

Welcome by Netatmo is the new generation security camera. 

With its face recognition and its application on all your devices you can know every time and everywhere you want who is coming into your house.Welcome provides to your home the best security thanks to its revolutionary face recognition system. Unlike movement detector alerts that require to spend some time watching the videos, Welcome warns you in direct if an intrusion is detected with a picture and a video of the intruder.

A very easy set up

Welcome is very easy to set up: put the camera in front of the entry door, plug it, download the app on your mobile and/or tablet and... that's all!

Manage your environment

With its face recognition system you will receive an alert in real time when a new face is walking in front of the camera. In the meantime you will receive a picture and a video of the intruder on your smartphone. Unlike movement detection alerts that require time to watch videos, Welcome sends you directly an alert with a picture and video when it detects an intruder in your house...

Welcome also works for secondary residence. Thanks to its face recognition system you directly know who just comes into your house and you can perfectly identify him/her whereas you are 500km from there! 

We do not forget our 4 legs friends 

What if your favorite pet walks in front of the camera? No worries, you can activate the pet detection function on the camera to choose what you prefer: either Welcome informs you in direct when your pet walks in front of the camera with a picture and a video. Or you can also choose to turn off the alerts so that you will not be informed about what your pet is doing at home. 

Easy storing

You can store all your videos and files either on an integrated Micro SD card or on the cloud (with Dropbox)

Live again and again your favorite moments

You can watch 24/7 the images from your camera in your application on every device. Scroll through old images and download your favorite video! What is more, Welcome has a "Live" mode on which you can follow in direct what is happening at home and share good moments with your beloved ones even when you are not present. 




We like:

Good to know:

Very easy to use

Only works when it detects movements

You receive the alerts in direct 

Choose the people you do not want to be detected

Respect the privacy

Excellent camera at night


How to watch my videos?

You can have access to your videos from the Welcome app on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

How many videos the camera can record?

The number of videos depends on their length and on your micro SD card’s storage capacity. You can store about an average of a hundred videos on the micro SD card provided.

What happens if there is no Internet?

You will receive a notification to warn you about. Welcome still works and records videos, but cannot send news to the application without connection. Consequence: you will not receive any news either. Welcome adds all the new videos on the app as soon as the Internet connection is reset.

How many faces does Welcome recognize?

16 faces.

How does face recognition work? 

In the app, every unknown face is marked with a question mark. Click on the face to name it and create the profile.

What happen if someone takes the camera?

You will receive a notification to alert you that Welcome has been turned off. If anyone takes your camera he/she will not have access neither to your data nor to your videos if he/she does not have your Netatmo account’s username and password.

How can the camera know if someone is away?

On three different ways:

  1. On the app, go to your profile and authorize Welcome to localize you. Beyond 100m around your house, you are considered as “away”.
  2. Set up a limited duration: if someone has not been seen since “X” hours, he is considered as “away”.
  3. Tell the app that you are away.

How can the camera know that someone is at home?

When it sees someone, the camera consider this person at home for the next “X” hours (to be determined in the settings)

Does it send me an alert every time someone walks in front of the camera?

No, the camera sends you an alert only when someone comes in. An alert is not sent every time someone walks in front of it. In that regard, you can turn off alerts according to the people.

Who can have an access to the camera?

You decide how many people can have access to the camera via the app  

How many cameras can I connect to the app?

An unlimited number of Welcome cameras.

Does it have a zoom?

No it does not. But the HD provides very detailed images.

Can I make the camera move with remote control?

No you cannot. But the 130° field of view gives a panoramic view, including wide space

Does the camera work with batteries?

No it does not, you need to plug it.

Will I receive an alert if the camera runs off battery?

Yes, on your smartphone. 

What is the use of the Ethernet port?

Your Welcome camera can connect to the internet via WIFI or via the Ethernet port

Is there an optional recording system in the Cloud?

No, Welcome only keeps videos locally, on the micro SD card included. This storage is completely free.

Which elements are stored in the cloud?

Only a screenshot is stored in the Netatmo cloud. The camera selects the screenshot where you best see the face. The screenshots are sent by crypted connection to your device.

Which elements are stored in the camera?

Data about face recognition and the videos are stored locally on the camera’s micro SD card. Take off the micro SD card means take off face recognition data and videos.

Which elements are stored in the app?

None of the videos or of face recognition data are stored in the app or on your device.  Videos are securely stored in the camera and are sent via a crypted connection to your device. Only a screenshot is stored on the Netatmo cloud

What if  we take off the micro SD card?

Without the SD card, the camera does not record any videos anymore. What is more, all data about face recognition and all the videos stored only on the SD card are no more available on the camera. Consequence: the camera cannot recognize faces anymore

What happen when the SD card is full?

When the SD card is full, the oldest videos are erased by the newest.

What is the SD card maximum capacity possible with Welcome camera?

The maximum storage SD card capacity is 32 GB class 10

Where can I put Welcome?

Best spot is on flat surface, facing the entry door so that it can best detect in and outs.

Can I put the camera outdoor ?

No, Welcome is exclusively an indoor camera




























Video Sensor: 4MP, Resolution: up to 1920x1080


45 x 45 x 155mm


Micro SD Card up to 32 GB


Ethernet port RJ-45   10/100 Mbits, Wireless: Wifi 802.11 b/g/n (2,4 G)





Included in the pack

One Welcome camera, One USB wire, One AC adapter, Une carte micro SD 8GB

Configuration required

High Speed internet connexion required. Public Hotspots do not work


Webapp available for the last two versions of : Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer


IOS 9,  Android 4.3


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Julien G


This is a useful and fun tool to have when drinking. In addition to being able to test your sobriety, you can also provide yourself with a general understanding of what BAC level you are while you are drinking.

James B


Amazing camera. Face recognition is fantastic, but sometimes not perfect ;-) anyway the camera it worth its price.

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