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Home from Withings, is the most comprehensive home monitoring solution.

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At home, even from afar

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Withings Home is the most comprehensive home surveillance solution, capable of broadcasting HD video and facilitating family interactions while keeping an eye on indoor air quality.

An ingenious system of monitoring the house in 30 seconds chrono

HD Connected Camera

5Mpx, 1080p
X12 zoom
Night Vision

Live broadcast on smartphone

Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G
Event detection
Configurable Alerts

Video recording

Saving highlights
Timelapse on 48h
Upgrade to a 30-day cloud registration plan

State-of-the-art technology, unique design

-Port ethernet
- Environmental sensors
-Micro USB port
- Natural wooden case that can cover the lens
- Air Quality and Volatile Organic Components
-High quality 2W speaker Micro Digital
-Lens 5 Mega Pixel, 1080p
- Advanced Night Vision
-Large angle 135 °

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Live: Your home on all screens

Home runs on smartphone (iOS and Android), on tablet, on the Apple watch and is the first camera connected to the Apple TV. Pause your program, and broadcast live what happens in your child's room.

Keep an eye on what's going on. Be alerted if something escapes you.
Home features advanced features in motion and noise detection, and only alerts you when needed.

-Air quality

Do not miss any special moments

Go back in time and look at what happened to you, up to 30 days in the past

Streaming and Smart Alerts

 Previous Hours
Event Log

 Last 48 hours
Animation Timelapse
Up to 30 days
HD videos saved on the Cloud

Premium plan of recording on the Cloud from 7,95 €

Surveillance for the whole family, even the smallest

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Fashion Baby Monitor & push-to-talk

Your baby's crying and motion alerts are transmitted live on your smartphone and you can talk to him with the push-to-talk button.

Your baby in high-definition, even at night
Keep an eye on your baby when he sleeps through high-definition night vision.

Soothe it with a lullaby
Play remote lighted and musical lullabies developed with early childhood specialists.

Give it a healthy air
Home analyzes the indoor air quality and warns you if your child is invisible indoor pollution.

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Home also protects you from invisible dangers

By analyzing air quality, promote healthier indoor air quality in your home.

Withings Home is equipped with sensors that monitor indoor air quality, which can be 10 times greater than outdoor air quality. A graph - available in the application - shows the current and past levels of Volatile Organic Components (VOCs). If the VOC level exceeds a threshold deemed unhealthy, Home flashes red and sends you an alert. With this information, you will be able to accomplish small everyday actions (like opening a window when you grill meat) that allow you to keep a healthy environment.

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Our security protocols have nothing to envy the banks

Our teams take data security very seriously. Withings Home uses the same data protection technologies as banks via the AES-256 and HTTPS protocols. Your data is protected from intrusions, copying data from your camera, your smartphone or the Cloud.

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HD Connected Camera

2W Speaker
High Quality Micro Digital

Motion and noise detection

Home runs on smartphone (iOS and Android), on tablet, on the Apple watch and is the first camera connected to the Apple TV

Play remote lighted and musical lullabies

High-Definition Night Vision


The base of my Withings Home ™ emits a red light. What should I do ?

If the base of your Withings Home ™ blinks red, it may mean two things:

The installation of your Withings Home ™ has failed, in which case you can try again to install it, or

The "Show Home Air Quality Alerts" option is activated, and the VOC level is greater than 2000 ppm.
If your Withings Home ™ is blinking red due to the VOC level, open your window to renew the indoor air.

You can enable or disable this alert from the Withings Home ™ app by going to Settings, selecting Your Withings Home ™ and selecting Show Air Quality Alerts on Home.

How do you check the air quality of the room?

Withings Home ™ allows you to check the air quality of the room by indicating the level of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). VOCs are a group of carbon-based chemicals that evaporate at room temperature. This is a good indicator of air quality and room ventilation.

450 - 1000 ppm: Good
1,000 - 2,000 ppm: Medium
2,000 - 3,000 ppm: Poor
 > 3,000 ppm: Very poor

Withings Home ™ is not a carbon monoxide detector and therefore can not alert you to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.

What is the Control Center?

The Control Center allows you to change the mode of your Withings Home ™.

You can choose between four modes:

Active Monitor Do Not Disturb Babyphone Camera disabled
You can access the Control Center by tapping the icon at the top right of the main screen. You can then select the mode of your choice.



Product dimensions (W x H x H): 7.6 x 7.6 x 8.3 cm
Reference: 70047701
Brown color
Style: Wi-Fi Surveillance Camera
Power Supply Type:
Voltage Rating: 5 Volts
Quantity of articles: 1
Number of rooms: 1
Measuring system: Metric
Special features: Beige, Wifi, Android
Included Components: 1 Withings Home Camera; 1 Support; 1 Micro USB power cable; 3 Plug adapters; 1 Quick Start Guide
Battery (s) / Battery (s) Included: No
Battery (s) / Battery Required: No
Weight: 590 grams

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Ione D


Perfect! Very beautiful design. Must have. The motion and noise detect function are brilliant!!

Dino T


Really great product for new parents!

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