My iVision, watch your interior day and night

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Keep an eye on your most valuable assets with My iVision and receive instant alerts.

Origin: France .

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With the Bewell camera, watch your home or baby's room and communicate remotely with your loved ones from your Smartphone at any time of the day.

Your baby under good supervision

Thanks to its WiFi connectivity, this camera allows you to monitor your home or talk directly with your home.

With a resolution of 640x480 pixels, the My Ivision camera allows you to take photos, make videos and zoom in on important elements both day and night thanks to its night vision.

For a more complete view, you can change angles and rotate 360 ​​° horizontally and 120 ° vertically.

The camera controls the temperature in the baby's room and thanks to its built-in microphone, you can talk to him, listen to his first words or broadcast his favorite lullabies from any room.

In case of noise detection, the Bewell camera alerts you both vocally and by e-mail to measure the hazards to react if necessary.

Finally, this connected camera is very easy to install thanks to its Plug & Play configuration system that you can install by scanning the QR Code provided with.

Bewell's MyiVison camera allows you to listen and talk remotely and at any time of the day. You can also record movies and check the ambient temperature of a room.

MyiVision is equipped with a 2-way audio function, microphone and loudspeaker, so you can hear your baby for example and speak to him from a distance. It is also possible to broadcast a song to the camera in order to rock your baby wherever you are.

Bewell's MyiVision can be used to trigger an email alert, an audible alarm, or send you a photo or video recording in case of movement or noise.

The camera has a temperature sensor, so you can monitor the temperature of your home in real time.

MyiVision is equipped with an infrared sensor with a range of 6-8 meters that allows remote monitoring day and night. The camera is rotated 360 ° horizontally and 120 ° vertical.

The MyiVision application allows you to connect up to 4 surveillance cameras at the same time.

IOS and Android Compatibility

• Surveillance camera, resolution 640x480 pixels
• Horizontal rotation 360 ° and vertical rotation 120 °
• Night vision up to 8m
• Wifi connection with unlimited range
• Bewell Connect application, available on IOS and Android
• Built-in microphone for communicating with your loved ones
• Features: email and voice alarm in case of motion detection, room temperature control, music broadcasting, photo and video capture, ability to zoom in on details
• Easy to install, Plug & Play configuration system by QR Code
• Dimensions: Diameter 95 x Height 120 mm
• Weight: 326 g




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Good to know:

Resolution 640 * 480 pixels

WIFI connection

Night vision up to 8 meters

The mobile app is free

Easy to install

Possibility to zoom in on details


The camera does not display data, what to do?

Charge your device with the supplied cable, either on a suitable USB port, or on a smartphone charger.

Are there any fees?

There are no fees and paid subscriptions or monthly billing

Is the content on my iVision updated?

Yes. All content automatically updates.

My videos buffer a lot. What can I do?

Check your internet speed with We recommend a stable internet speed of 20 MBPS or more for the best internet experience. The faster internet connection you have the faster your content will load. If you have under 20Mbps you should consider upgrading your internet speed.

My iVision doesn’t turn on?

Make sure the power plug is pushed into the device all the way and the other end is plugged into a wall outlet that has power.





IOS and Android


Diamètre: 95 mm Hauteur : 120 mm








AC adaptor 5 VDC/2A


Infrared vision until 8 meters, 360° vision, microphone and speaker


640 x 480 pixels


1 year


Voice and email alerts, musiques, video, temperature, can zoom on details




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James B


Very speedy and prompt customer service. I had a problem with the product but the technical support walked me through step by step to resolve my problem and answered all my questions honestly. Very happy with my service and my iVision camera.

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