Go, the connected bracelet.

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Go from Withings, accompanies you intelligently throughout your day.

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Well-being at your fingertips

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Because everyone should be able to take care of their health and be more active, Go has been designed to accompany you intelligently throughout your day. We have integrated the best of the technology of the fitness bracelets into an intuitive, colorful and adapted to all lifestyles. The E Ink ™ screen saves battery life by up to 8 months by continuously displaying your activity level.

Move, it does the rest

The steps, running, swimming, calories and sleep, the Go measures everything that counts. It automatically recognizes all your sports activities and triggers sleep analysis as soon as you go to bed. All you have to do is to wear it.
To help you get more active, the Health Mate application offers you personalized advice and rewards your efforts. For even more challenges, invite your friends to join your leaderboard to determine who is most active.

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10,000 steps per day

To be fit, no need to run a marathon. Walking regularly is a good start. Go is the ideal tracker to track your activity level: set a daily goal in the application, Go displays your progress in real time.

Vary the activities

Go also accompanies you when you play sports. It measures in detail your running and swimming sessions: calories burned, duration of the session, distance traveled.

On your marks

Thanks to the energy-saving E Ink screen, the Go display never quits and reads perfectly in all conditions. Bright sunlight and water? No problem. You can always see your activity progress and you can access the watch at any time without worrying about your battery.

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Eat. Get moving

To feel good in one's body, activity and nutrition go hand in hand. Nokia Health and its partner applications allow you to track your calorie intake and expenses directly in our Health Mate application. This will help you achieve or maintain your weight goal.

Sleep better

The quality and duration of your sleep are essential to your health. Go automatically detects when you fall asleep and restores your health through a thorough check-up of your night: deep and light sleep, micro-alarm clocks, sleep time.

Ready to wear

Go comes with 2 accessories: a bracelet and a clip. It can be worn on your wrist, clipped on your clothes or your belt, attached to your keys or simply placed in your pocket.

Autonomy up to 8 months

Go does not require recharging and remains stand-alone for up to 8 months using a single replaceable battery.

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E InkTM Technology

Go continuously displays your activity level for 8 months with E InkTM electronic ink. Unlike your smartphone, this screen can be read in all conditions.

Waterproof up to 50 meters

Go waterproof under the shower, in the pool, or under the sea up to 50 meters deep. Sweating, swimming, nothing can stop you.




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Good to know:

Follow-up of the steps, the race, the calories burned and the distance traveled

High Visibility E Ink ™ Display

Analysis of sleep cycles

No charger: up to 8 months of battery

Swimming analysis (waterproof - depth 50m)

Wear on wrist, clip, keychain or in your pocket.


There is water in my Nokia Go screen. What should I do?

If water seeps under the screen of your Nokia Go after a swim session, perform the following steps:

Remove the back cover and the battery. Place your Nokia Go in a dry rice bowl.
The rice should help absorb moisture present in your Nokia Go.

Can the bracelet cause skin reactions?

Be careful not to over tighten the strap when it is at your wrist to avoid a possible skin reaction. Be sure to keep the wrist strap dry to prevent possible skin reaction. We recommend that you clean your bracelet frequently to avoid any risk of rash or skin irritation. Skin reactions are more common in people with a history of asthma, allergies or eczema. We advise you to always clean the strap after a particularly long (2 hours or more) sports session. In case of skin reaction, we advise you to stop wearing your Nokia Go at the wrist and use the clip instead. If you stop using your device on the wrist, but the irritation does not disappear after a few days, we recommend you consult a dermatologist.

How to wear my Nokia Go?

We advise you to wear your Nokia Go to the wrist with its bracelet because it allows you to follow your sleep and your sessions of swimming. For greater precision, wear it to your non-dominant hand.

You can also hang your Nokia Go to clip and clip to your belt, pocket or even your bra. If you attach the clip to your pocket, we advise you to place your Nokia Go inside the pocket. You can also hang your device to your keychain. These alternatives do not allow you to follow your sleep or your swimming sessions.

If you change the way you wear your Nokia Go, be sure to change this information within the app.



  • Product Benefits: Application Health Mate
  • Function (s) Measurement: steps, running, swimming, calories and sleep
  • Compatibilities: From iOS 7 and Android 4.3.3
  • Display: Technology E Ink
  • Resistance to water: Yes
  • Waterproof: Up to 50 meters
  • Autonomy: Up to 8 months
  • Availability of spare parts: Not indicated

Comments (2)

Ione D


I love my Go, I bought the blue one just over a year ago, and changed the battery after 11 months of daily use.

Martin R


Excellent device which links up to the app.
Has a battery which lasts about 9 months so no need to bother charging every few days like some other devices. Battery is easily replaced and cheap.

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