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UrbanHello creates REMI, the first intelligent alarm clock that brings together in a single object everything parents need to take care of their children's sleep.

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REMI is the first intelligent alarm clock that brings together in a single object everything parents need to take care of their children's sleep: baby monitor, night light, music box, alarm clock, Bluetooth speaker, sleep monitor and sleep coach which helps children adopt regular bedtime and bedtime habits, and parents to reconnect with the morning's greasy mornings!


Sleep Tracker

REMI records continuously the noise of your kids’ room. With this record, you can follow the quality of his nights, find the bedtime and wakeup time that you have scheduled in the application, follow night after night his actual bedtime and wakeup schedule, measure his sleeping time, and adapt his bedtime routines.


Baby Monitor

From anywhere, at home or outside, listen to your baby from your smartphone, or receive notifications in case of noise, and be aware of what’s happening in your baby’s room. An activation threshold allows you to adjust the level of noise you want to hear, or above which you need to receive a notification.

You can also use REMI as a walkie-talkie, and talk to your baby in his room from wherever you are.



REMI can switch its nightlight on, on the top of its head. You can fine-tune the brightness of this nightlight between 0% and 100%, in order to create perfect sleeping conditions for your child.


Music player

REMI can be plugged like a USB key to your computer, so you can copy your child’s favorite lullabies, musics and stories, in mp3, and use them for sleeping time, to enjoy a story, or to wake up.

REMI also has default sounds and musics to gently make your child asleep or awake.


Sleep Trainer

Thanks to its face, REMI indicates very easily to your child when it’s time to sleep or if it’s time to wake up.


Bluetooth Speaker

REMI has a Bluetooth connectivity that allows parents to stream their smartphone music, and that will allow children, when they get older, to use REMI autonomously with their own mp3 player.




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A lot of functionalities: sleep tracker, baby monitor, music player, Bluetooth speaker…

REMI’s nightlight is bright only at night

Create your baby’s customized bedtime and nap time routine

The Timer button on REMIs keypad is not working yet. Its function will be updated

Share your most useful tips and strategies

Please make sure you don’t leave your REMI powered on with its fixed display (0066, 0067, 0069, UPdt or anything else). This could damage its display




143mm x 111mmx 65mm






Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi



Android or iOS


Mp3 formats

Mp3 format 44100Hz



Batteries no needed


Storage memory



Communication range

You can listen to your child from anywhere in the world thanks to the application.



2-year warranty



The Timer button of my REMI is not working

This is normal. This function is not yet available and will be updated in the coming weeks. Your REMI will get it by itself and we will send you a message when it will be released.


How to connect REMI in Bluetooth to my smartphone ?

Press on the bluetooth button on REMI's keypad. You should hear a "Beep-beep". Then, go to the Bluetooth settings of your smartphone. REMI should appear in the detected devices. Click on this device to pair it in Bluetooth to your smartphone. From this point, REMI is paired to your smartphone and you can stream any audio music from your smartphone to REMI : Your smartphone music, Youtube, Deezer, Spotify, etc…


Can I shut down the WIFI on my REMI?

Yes, you can shut down the WIFI during the night using the bedtime schedule. REMI will still record the information about the bedroom environment and will synchronize the records in the morning.


Is it possible to have the same REMI for two children?

Yes, you can; nonetheless, there will be just one graph for the two children. Otherwise, you can create different events for the two children if you want.


Does REMI ever get hot or heat up ?

No, REMI is quite large for a Bluetooth device and stays cool.


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