SleepPeanut, the smart morning alarm clock

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SleepPeanut the sensor that slips into your bed to wake you in shape and at the right time with greater vitality. 

Origin : France 

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SensePeanut App

Place SleepPeanut under your sheets.

Place it over the mattress, just under your sheet-cover so that it is level with the shoulder. SleepPeanut has been carefully designed to fit into your bed by being as flat as possible. You will forget his presence.

SleepPeanut works by itself.

Simply go to bed and rest, SleepPeanut works by itself. During the night, SleepPeanut is based on the temperature of your body and your movements to detect your sleep cycles. Just sleep, SleepPeanut does the rest.

Good morning wake up.

SleepPeanut selects the best sleep phase to wake you up during the 30 minutes before the wake-up time you have programmed. It is a proven way to have an optimal alarm clock and feel in good shape in the morning.

Ringtones on your smartphone
In the SensePeanut application, you can choose up to 14 beautiful alarm tones played by your smartphone. Start the day off right!

You can do much more than you imagine.

SleepPeanut is compatible with IFTTT. It works with intelligent thermostats to help you save energy overnight.

Reminder of bedtime
Specify the hours of sleep you need, SleepPeanut will remind you to go to bed. It records your habits and adapts to your behavior.

Repeat Alarm
Press SleepPeanut and gain 10 minutes more sleep.

Built-in speaker
SleepPeanut can emit a light and discreet wake-up sound that only you can hear. You get up without waking up your beloved.

Simple, convenient and affordable.

SleepPeanut connects easily to your Smartphone smartphone. It only takes a few seconds to install and use it. The SensePeanut application is free and displays the activity of your SleepPeanut on its dashboard.

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Good to know :

The sensor is thin and light

Up to 3 months of autonomy

Battery CR2032 (replaceable)

Simple, convenient and affordable.

Loud speaker
Piezo (up to 90dB)

Follow-up of your sleep

Not resistant to water
Do not use in case of danger


I want to register my SensePeanut, but the App doesn't find it?

First check if your SensePeanut is powered and ON. Press its button, it should play a sound.

If not: make sure that you have removed the battery strip from your Peanut

If not: make sure that the battery is well inserted with the + sign heading upwards

Make sure that the Peanut is close to your smartphone or tablet
Check if Bluetooth is turned on
Make sure that your device is connected to a wifi or 3G/4G network with internet connection
Make sure your Peanut was not already registered by another user
Make sure that your device is Bluetooth 4.0 compliant

How many SensePeanuts can be connected to my device?

There is no limit to number of SensePeanuts you can register on your device. 

However, there is a limit to the number of SensePeanuts simultaneously connected at a given time. This limit is set by your device's manufacturer:
  • On iOS: Up to 8 Bluetooth devices can send data simultaneously. The number of SensePeanuts you can use hence depends on the number of other Bluetooth devices you are using at the same time.
  • On Android devices: The number of Bluetooth devices that can simultaneously send data to your phone or tablet, depends on the manufacturer and model. It varies between 4 to 7 simultaneous Bluetooth devices.  
                      How to know the battery level of my SensePeanut?
  • On iOS: go to your Peanut's page. Pull the page down. The battery level will be shown in the upper right part of your screen.
  • On Android: go to your Peanut's page. Press the main circle. The battery level will be displayed in the main circle. 

                How to check if my SensePeanut is connected to my device?
  • On the iOS SensePeanut App: go to the page of your Peanut, pull the page down. The connection quality will appear in the upper left part of your screen.
  • On the Android SensePeanut App: go to your Peanut' page, press the main circle, it will show the connexion quality.





IOS and Android


25 x 45 x 5mm








CR2032 Piles (changeable)


Alert, data download, accelerometer, speaker, sleep tracker


3 months




Comments (2)

Luka W


Amazing gadget. Very nice. One for me and one for wife. We both benefit from sleeping and health overall.

Jonny P


I use it as a bed sensor. When I am in bed, it turns off my lights. That is the saving grace for this items.

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