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Wynd Essential, portable air purifier

  • Wynd knows your air quality
  • Wynd knows your air quality
  • Wynd knows your air quality
  • Wynd knows your air quality
  • Wynd knows your air quality
Wynd knows your air quality
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The Wynd Air Quality Tracker senses how dirty your air is, and the Wynd Purifier cleans it up. Just sit back, relax, and breathe easy. 

Origin: United States 

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Rated 5.00 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 3 customer reviews

This is the one of the best purifier I've ever had. This is portable and small but it works very well.<br /> I will get it another one for staying in my car.<br />

Your sleepless nights are over!! I have had my Wynd for two years now and have been able to sleep through the night thanks to the bubble my Wynd creates.

The device and app both are easy to set up. Perfect for your office desk. The tiny issue is the fan noise actually is hard to be ignored :)

Wynd Essential, portable air purifier
Tax included


Wynd: let the clean air be with you!


Wynd: small purifier, great abilities

The size of a water bottle, this air purifier is portable wherever you go. It weighs less than 300 grams and measures just over 7 centimeters in diameter at its base. Its battery runs for eight hours without recharging. It delivers 8 liters of clean air per second but a dial on the top of the device can help you reduce its capacity. Finally, it has a sensor that analyzes the air in real time, specifically, the level of particles in the air such as those from smoke, allergens or dust. For convenience, this sensor is detachable from the device for less cumbersome use.

This device filters almost all germs and allergens and most of the industrial pollution. Thus, are excluded from its capabilities: viruses, a small portion of allergen mites, exhaust fumes, most of the fumes from cooking food, polluting fog, tobacco smoke and a small part of fumes from burning of wood. On the other hand, pollen, spores, mildew, cat allergies, bacteria, dust, sawdust, coal and carbon emissions are fully within its capabilities.


Wynd: a removable connected sensor

The sensor in Wynd is connected to your smartphone to control your environment in real time and to alert you if the air you breathe becomes really unhealthy. Of a very small size, once detached from the device, this sensor can be transported with you, clipped. The app just like the device is extremely intuitive. Both will change color depending on the air quality, the lighter the color, the better the air quality. If you are on the edge of the whole device, this one, previously connected in automatic mode, will adapt to the needs.

The app teaches you the pollution that you are saving the device, Wynd, will give the exact rate of milligrams of particles that it has cleaned up in the ambient air. Data that he can convert into more comprehensible and visual terms by all. Since the application, it is possible to ensure the quality of the air of his loved ones equipped with the same device, it is also available on iOS only, a free application. Called Air Bubbles, it indicates on a larger scale, the air pollution in different points of a map.

Detachable air quality tracker

Wynd's Air Quality Tracker can detach for ultimate mobility, and provide alerts when your environment worsens. It also automatically connects to the Purifier for auto mode to maintain a healthy space.