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Laser Egg keep your home healthy

  • Laser Egg 2, keep your home comfortable
  • Laser Egg 2, keep your home comfortable
  • Laser Egg 2, keep your home comfortable
Laser Egg 2, keep your home comfortable
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Laser Egg 2 is an indoor air quality monitor to measure PM 2.5 & AQI in your home and office. Use with iOS or Android mobile app to track air pollution.

Origin: China 

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Rated 5.00 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 3 customer reviews

My family and I moved to China recently for work and I purchased 2 of these from One Fantastic Shop. Knowing the air quality in China would be a concern for my family, I was planning to buy some heavy duty air filters for home. Upon research, I came across these units. These “eggs” are 3 in one devices that provide you temperature, air quality and humidity readings.

I live in a pretty clean air city, and the sensor seems to indicate this quite accurately. Would be curious how it works in somewhere like Beijing or Shanghai. It's a well-designed device that does exactly what it advertises.

I took it around with me one day and discovered exactly how different the quality of air is indoor and outdoor. The reading inside my own house with open windows was 35. Walking beside the road, it skyrocketed to 80. In my air-conditioned office, the egg indicated 8. Now I Know where I should wear a face mask and where I can just relax and take a deep breath of clean air.

Laser Egg keep your home healthy
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Protect the air you breathe

The world’s most popular smart air quality monitor with high accuracy PM2.5 detection.


Accurate, fast and reliable detection

The Laser Egg 2 uses laser-based light scattering to individually count particles in the air as they enter the device, and calculate PM2.5 concentrations based upon these measurements. This allows for extremely fast measurements, with high accuracy readings calculated every 0.1 seconds.


AQI readings

We take our air seriously. The Laser Egg has been carefully tested to ensure your home is protected. It can give particulate concentrations and AQI readings that fall within +/- 10% of the readings from the US Embassy in Beijing.


Better together

At home or on the go, pair your Laser Egg with the Kaiterra app for greater convenience, more control. View home and local air quality readings with just a tap.

See historical graphs by minute, hour or day. And make smarter decisions for your home that last.


A smarter, cleaner home

The Laser Egg 2 supports Apple HomeKit technology and soon, IFTTT, to safely and seamlessly work with your home’s appliances. No more worrying about when to turn on your air purifier if the air pollution spikes. Or let your humidifier take over if the air becomes too dry. A connected ecosystem for a protected home and peace of mind.