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AnyMote Home allows you to control all of your InfraRed and WiFi devices directly from your smartphone. 

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Nothing has never been that simple 

AnyMote Home turns your phone or tablet into the hub of your home control, allowing you to connect to all your InfraRed, WiFi or Smart Home devices and control them from a unified dashboard. Say goodbye to launching one app for each of your devices, or picking up one remote for each of your TV, Set Top Box, Xbox, connected lights & many others!

Always free to make your own UI or use our predefined templates, you'll truly be in control of all your devices with a single tap. Through ingenious use of 2016 technology and features, you can now control everything without even having to unlock your phone or look at the screen. With gestures as simple as you want them to be, buttons as large or colorful as you want them and remotes as simple or complex as you like them, AnyMote Home gives you back the power to personalize everything.

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It's never been easier to control everything: AnyMote Home integrates with Amazon Echo for full home control through your voice. Did you enjoy asking Alexa about the weather or asking her to turn on your lights? Now she can also turn on your TV, switch to your favorite channel, control your Set Top Box, Apple TV, Roku, etc.. Thanks to our proactive integration approach, even your devices that will never get Alexa integration directly can be controlled now through your voice. Love your Sonos? So do we, so we went ahead and made it voice-enabled through Alexa. It also works seamlessly with all your lights, TV, plugs, media players, and many others!

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200 feet with 360° degree

Battery life (2xAA):
12 months or 1 million commands

Bluetooth 4.0 LE + WiFi

4" x 4" x 1.8"




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Your devices don't work together, but they all work with AnyMote

'Mute on Call': When phone rings mute my sonos, pause music

Makes it easier for you to control your devices

A single command can trigger a chain of events that unify the things around you like never before.

All your devices. One dashboard.

AnyMote Home integrates with Amazon Echo for full home control through your voice


Why Control Your TV With Amazon Echo? 

You have your new Amazon Echo and you're now looking to get what you've been promised: full house voice control, Star-Trek style. You probably already have your lights connected to your Echo at least in limited fashion, and the next step is to get all your devices in the mix. First step is get your Echo to control your TV.

With the help of AnyMote Home, you'll transform both your phone and your voice into a universal remote control for your TV and other home devices. 

Can I use Plastic Remote With AnyMote Home?

While the AnyMote preloaded database coverage is over 99% of all IR controllable devices in the wild, it's possible that the remote for your very new (or very old) TV is missing, or that we're missing a single button that you need. 

Thankfully, the AnyMote Home contains an IR receiver that can record commands. The receiver is usually near the "e" letter of the top logo, but can be on the "a" side as well. 

If you have a red dot • at the bottom of your AnyMote Home - that dot is showing the direction of the IR receiver.


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